255th Infantry Regiment-
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255th Infantry Regiment receives recognition for the part they
played in liberation of the Dachau Concentration Subcamps in the
Landsberg, Germany vicinity

After almost  two (2) years of extensive and thorough research on the part of the
US Army Center of Military History, the 63d Infantry Division received, on 17
March 2000, official recognition of the presence of the 255th Infantry Regiment
during the liberation of the Dachau Concentration subcamps in the Landsberg

While this recognition is based primarily on the action of men of the First
Battalion, 255th Infantry, the official recognition is given to the 63rd Infantry
Division as a matter of policy.

Dr. Robert K. Wright Jr., Chief, Historical Resources Branch, US Army Center
of Military History has also forwarded a recommendation that a replica of the
63rd Infantry Division flag be included in the permanent exhibit at the U.S.
Holocaust Memorial Museum, in Washington D C.  The Division flag has been
posted in that exhibit.

A special thanks goes out to all Association members who took the time and
effort to submit first hand accounts of their experiences relating to the liberation
of this Landsberg Concentration Camp.  These accounts, along with the official
records we were able to provide, were instrumental in the final approval of this
255th Infantry Regiment-
Concentration Camp Liberator
255th Infantry Regimental Crest
15 Oct 13
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