Combat Infantryman Badge and Combat
Medical Badge Certificates
CIB Certificate Sample
Combat Medical Badge Certificate Sample
These certificates are printed on heavy stock paper and will be 11" Wide and 8
1/2 " high.

Cost of each certificate is $6.00 which includes postage.

To order send the following to Fred Clinton , 102 S. Jenkins Street, Alexandria,
VA 22304

  Unit assigned or attached to:
  Period you were engaged in combat with the enemy or served as a Medical
aidman attached to an Infantry unit actively engaged in combat with the enemy.
  Copy of order awarding the CIB or CMB or copy of discharge papers
reflecting the award of the CIB or CMB.  DO NOT SEND ANY ORIGINAL

  Order should be accompanied by a check for at least $6.00 made out to Fred
Clinton.  All funds collected from this project in excess of postage and material
expenses will be donated to  the 63rd Infantry Division Association treasury.  
Please include your phone number  and e-mail address in case I have to call you
about the finished product. Also don't forget to provide your mailing address.
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