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German Historian is seeking information about the
battles in the Adelsheim, Osterburken areas of
Germany- early April 1945. (6 Jan 10)
Jurgen, a German historian is seeking anyone who participated in the battles around the Adelsheim - Osterburken Germany areas in early April 1945.  Jurgen has
collected a number of WWII artifacts from those battlefields and they can be seen on the
Miscellaneous Photos Page 114.   You can contact Jurgen at the following
e-mail address:  swat_4@web.de
We want to inform veterans that The Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office (DPMO) is upgrading its efforts to recover the remains  of soldiers still missing from
WWII.  While we have always worked the WWII issue, we recently created a  new WWII Division to increase the attention given to this period.   As part of this
effort, we would like to speak with any WWII vets who may have information that could shed light on the loss/death of a fellow serviceman whose remains might
not have been recovered.  Veterans who have such information are encouraged to contact DPMO with any knowledge that could lead to the recovery of that
soldiers remains.   Also, relatives or friends who may have such information (from conversations with WWII vets, personal records, diaries, or other documents
they may have) are also asked to call or email.  
We also have Divisions which would encourage vets to contact us with relevant information related to unaccounted-for servicemen from other wars (Vietnam,
Korea, etc.)
We would appreciate it if you could pass this on to your membership.  Thank you very much for your help.
Rodney Millner  
703-699-1268   Rodney.millner@OSD.mil            
Research Analyst     
Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office (DPMO)         

Alternate:  CDR Renee Richardson   703-699-1238              Chief, Outreach Branch
Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office is looking for
information from Veterans
Award of the Purple Heart for WWII veterans who suffered
Severe frostbitten feet and or hands during the time they
were engaged in combat with the enemy.
The Army Awards Branch has advised me that WWII and Korean War veterans suffering from severe frostbite when engaged in battle with the enemy are now
eligible for the award of the Purple Heart.
Basically you need official documentation(morning report or hospital records or separation papers) that the frostbite was caused during battle and that medical
treatment was required for the injury.  If you feel you are eligible for the Purple Heart due to severe cold weather injuries I would suggest that you either contact
your local VA office or send a message to the Army Awards Branch at shira.p.karp.ctr@mail.mil
Also if you don't have the documentation needed please contact me at joyclint@comcast.net and I may be able to provide required documentation.
The United States Army Brotherhood of Tankers (USABOT) (20 Jun 12)
SFC(US Army Ret) Jeffrey M. Jarriel has advised me of the recent organization formed for US Army Tankers and Tank Mechanics.  The organization, The
United States Army Brotherhood of Tankers (USABOT) currently has 1250 members and in three(3) weeks from today(20 Jun 12) will be incorporating and
applying for Non Profit status. Currently they have members who have served from the 1950s to present and are seeking World War II Tanker veterans.
The current membership fee is $5, but can be wavied for WWII veterans.
Their goal other than maintaining contact with Army Tankers and Tank Mechanics is to create funds to offer scholarships once or twice a year to a child of a
fellow tanker or tank mechanic that may have been Killed or Wounded in Action.
If interested you can contact SFC Jarriel at
usabot@usabot.org or visit their website at www.usabot.org.  They also have a forum at
5 Nov 13
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The Memoirs of Pfc John W. Ritner, I Company 254th Infantry
Regiment available for viewing.
Dave Ritner, son of Pfc John W. Ritner, I Company, 254th Infantry Regiment has submitted the following notice for your information:

"My father wrote a journal of his experiences as 1st Scout in the 1st Squad of the 1st Platoon, I Company, 254th Infantry Regiment, 63rd Infantry Division.  
We scanned many of his photos and added photos from the places and events he saw.  I created a .pdf file of that journal and will share with anyone who
would like to see it.  It is about 75 pages long.  My father passed away April 3, 2006.  You can contact me (Dave Ritner) at
daveritner@gmail.com and I
can e-mail you a copy of the journal"
NOTE:  The memoirs of Pfc Ritner now are included in the historical files of the 254th Infantry Regiment and appear on the History of the 254th Infantry
Regiment CD.