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Fireman from Maryland is looking for military items
and pins.(18 Dec 02)
Keith Dominick, a Fireman from Maryland, collects military uniforms, hats, patches, medals, knives and other
items associated with World War II and Korea.  If you have anything you would like to donate to Keith you can
contact him at e-mail address:  Ffzouave@aol.com
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The Historian of the 753d Tank Battalion is
seeking information from units supported by
the battalion during the period 13 Mar-8 May
45.  (23 Aug 06)
Chris Bradford, Historian for the 753d Tank Battalion is seeking stories and photos relating to their support of
the 63rd Infantry Division during the period 13 March 1945 and 8 May 1945.  If you can offer anything you
can contact Chris at the following e-mail address:  leafyseadragon4920@yahoo.com or at regular mail
address: 4920 Hope Lane, Sacramento, CA 95821.
14 Oct 13
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Several European Historians are seeking
information about specific areas that the 63rd
Infantry Division units fought in during World
War II
1- Martin Rupp is seeking information and photos relating to the battles in and around Achen, France and the
Maginot Line.  You can contact Mr Rupp at the following e-mail address:  maginotlineatwar@gmx.de

2- Horst Diehl is seeking  information about events in the area of St Ingbert, Rohrbach and Kirkel, Germany.  
He is also interested in hearing more about the appearance of Marlene Dietrich in the town of Kirkel in March
1945.  You can contact Mr Diehl at the following e-mail address:  HorstDiehl@gmx.de

3- Michael Kohlhass is seeking information about the battles in and around Leipheim, Germany during the
latter part of April 1945.  You can contact Mr Kohlhass at the following e-mail address:  jordan@hs-ulm.de

Should you wish to contact these historians, but have trouble in making contact you can contact the webmaster
at joyclint@comcast.net