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We are seeking relatives of the Sixty-six (66) men of the 254th Infantry Regiment who
were killed in action during the Battle of Jebsheim, Jan-Feb 45.(See Battle description
in 254th Infantry Regiment Page 6). We would like to make them aware of the plaque
containing the names of the 66 men killed, which is now affixed to the Jebsheim War
Memorial in Jebsheim, France.

Anyone knowing how we can get in touch with relatives of the men listed below,
please contact us by e-mail. Names of the 254th men killed in Jebsheim follow:

Pfc Dean L. Austin
1/Lt Samuel Baker
Pfc Wayne S. Beachler
S/Sgt Albert M. Bisinger
Pfc Archie L. Boswell
Sgt James Brey
Pfc Kenneth E. Buddle
2/Lt Bernard J. Burdick
Pfc George E. Burtner
T/3 Carol E. Canine
Sgt Claude W. Chase
Sgt Rexford C. Collins
Pfc Raymond W. Cooper
Pfc Robert D Corl
Pvt Thomas V. Crownecklace
Sgt Clarence W. DeHart
Pvt Michael Demko
Pfc Harold K. Elliott
S/Sgt Edmund E. Eschwege
Pfc Robert P. Felton
Pvt Eugene M. Haben
Pfc Joseph W. Harper
Pfc Earl B. Heckman
1st/Sgt James A. Hon
Pvt James L. Huggins
Pfc Woodrow W. Hughes
Pvt Edward Ihlenfeldt, Jr
T/Sgt Morton B. Katz
Pfc Joseph Kearney
Pfc Edward A. Keller
Pfc John P. Kereszturi
1/Lt Parr C. Lamonte
Pfc William A. Lang

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Pvt Philip R. Lykins
Pfc Henry J. Massaro
Sgt Ellis C. Miller
1/lt John F. Mingos
2/Lt George F. Monnier
Sgt Ernest E. Mueckler
Pfc Homer C. Muse
Sgt Philip Pearlman
Pfc John J.Pelarcik
Pfc Robert Pittman
Pfc Odell O. Poe
Pfc Elio G. Posada
Sgt John J. Rivara
Sgt Donald G. Rose
Pfc Clifford J. Roth
Pvt Joseph M. Rzepka
Pfc Raymond E. Schmidt
Pfc Amasa J. Shaver, Jr
Pfc Kenneth E. Sholley
Pfc Lemmie D. Strange
Pfc Charles B. Strouth
Pvt Frank M. Talley, Jr
Pvt Victor M. Tamariz,Sr
Pfc James I. Taylor
Pvt Russell M.Thurmond
Capt Gordon Lee Trent Jr
Pfc Henry U. Valencia
Pfc William H. Vines
Pfc Arthur H. Whitehead
Pfc Charles H. Wilson, Jr
Pvt Leslie W. Wolter
Pvt Fred L. Yatko
Pfc John C Young, Jr
14 Oct 13
Author looking for information
regarding the 255th Infantry Regiment's
role in the battle for Bitche and the
assault on the Siegfried Line
John D. Lukacs, is doing research for a book-"All Americans", the true tale of the 1940 and '41 Montana State football teams, whose entire starting lineup was lost to World War II.  A
member of that team, center Karl Fye, served with the 63rd Infantry Division during the war.  Lt Fye was a member of C Company of the 255th Infantry.  He was killed near
Bliesransbach, Germany in the early morning hours of 15 March 1945.

John  would enjoy the opportunity to speak with anyone who might have served with or knew Lt Fye.  He would also like to talk to any 63rd vets who might have information regarding the
255th's role in the battle for Bitche and the assault on the Siegfried Line as well as other events in which Lt Fye participated.

You can contact John at e-mail address: JLUKACS1@aol.com or call him collect at 724-327-7023
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Jan-Feb 45
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