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Purple Heart Medal
Attention Purple Heart Recipients

On 30 November, 1999, Veterans awarded the Purple Heart were exempted from reporting financial information (Means Testing)
and Medical care co-payments. The $2.00 Pharmacy co-payment still applies. Copy of DD Form 214 is required for verification.
Contact the Veteran Service Center in your area for additional information.

The Veterans Health Administration directive relating to this new policy is quoted below:

PURPOSE: This Veterans Health Administration directive implements new eligibility and enrollment requirements for veterans
awarded the Purple Heart.

POLICY: Public Law 106-117, the Veterans Millennium Health Care and Benefits Act, which amended the law to place veterans
awarded the Purple Heart in enrollment priority group 3, and to exempt those veterans from co-payment requirements associated
with provision of hospital care and outpatient medical services.

ACTION: a. Veterans awarded the Purple Heart may submit appropriate documentation (i.e. DD 214, service records, orders of
award, certificate, etc.) for inclusion into the veteran's Consolidated Health Record folder. Field stations are also to fax these
documents to the Health Eligibility Center at (404)235-1355.

b. As an interim measure, the Health Eligibility Center will provide each Department of Veterans Affairs health care facility with a
partial listing of Purple Heart recipients to assist facilities in manually exempting these veterans from co-payment requirement
associated with hospital care and outpatient medical services. The Office of Information will develop software to capture data on
veterans awarded a Purple Heart and effect other changes in information systrems necessary to accommodate provisions of Public
Law 106-117 relating to Purple Heart Award recipients.

c. Field stations must ensure that those veterans awarded a Purple Heart who were previously, or would be, classified in enrollment
priority groups 4 through 7 are placed in enrollment priority group 3 and are not charged co-payments.

d. Manual tracking is necesssitated until Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture software modifications
are implemented to ensure these veterans are not inappropriately billed medical care co-payment charges.

e. Veterans awarded the Purple Heart are to be reimbursed for any medical care co-payments paid for VHA care provided on or
after November 30, 1999.

f. VHA officials must have verifiable evidence that veterans received the Purple Heart before reimbursing any co-payments or
changing veterans' enrollment status.

REFERENCE: Public Law 106-117, dated November 30, 1999

FOLLOW-UP RESPONSIBILITY: Health Administration Services is responsible for the content of this directive.

RESCISSION: This VHA Directive will expire March 1, 2005
Web site relating to continued
search for POW and MIA from
The Waiting Goes On web site is dedicated to continuing the search for our Missing in Action military personnel from the
Vietnam era.   You can read about their efforts, join their group or donate to their cause by checking out their web site at

This site has also posted a YouTube song in support of families with loved ones missing.  You can view this song at
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