Credits Page
All graphics found on this site, unless otherwise indicated,
were downloaded from freeware graphic sites or clip art
and to the best of our knowledge were not copyrighted
and were free to use.

If any of our graphics are found to be otherwise, please
send me an e-mail and I will be happy to credit the
original designer or remove it if desired.

Specific credits follow.

All Patriotic graphics, except as noted below, were published and
kindly furnished for my use by Gecko Country.

The Support our Soldiers image was published and kindly furnished
for my use by "Support our Soldiers" site.

**Click the logo above to go to that site

The majority of Army Shoulder Patches used throughout this site are
part of the display created by Dr Lanham in his site "American
Military Patches of World War II". I thank him for allowing me to use
his images on our site. You can visit his site by clicking the title below.

**American Military Patches of World War II

the 63rd Infantry Division Banner appearing on the Homepage was
produced, free of charge, by Martin Spirit of the WWII Banner Billet
Site. I thank him for his generous contribution to the success of our
web site.

Photographs used in this site were shot by me or are used with
permission of individuals furnishing such photos and is noted where
the photos are displayed except for the following:

Page 3, 255th Infantry, Battle of Waldenburg. These photos are US
Army Signal Corps photos that were published in the 63rd Infantry
Division Chronicles, a publication of the 63rd Infantry Divsiion

The Medal of Honor images appearing on the Medal of Honor pages
of the 253rd Infantry and Division Artillery were furnished and
authorized for use by CWO Paul D. Henriott, webmaster of the USS
Oakland Website. Thanks Chief for the great images. Click below to
go Chief Henriott's great Navy site.

*USS Oakland Site
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Credits Page
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