The following photographs were extracted from the Memoirs of Pfc John Ritner, I Company 254th Infantry
Regiment.  The Memoirs appear on the History of the 254th Infantry Regiment CD and were furnished by David
Ritner, son of Pfc Ritner.
63rd Infantry Division
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Memorabilia Images- Page 114
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Pfc John Ritner, Center, while attending the University of Kentucky
prior to entering the active Army.
Pfc John Ritner, I Company 254th Infantry Regiment while undergoing basic
training. 1944
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Pfc John Ritner, I Company, 254th Infantry Regiment -1946
after separation from the Army.
Drawing depicting S/Sgt Lawrence J.
McGowan, A Company 254th Infantry
Regiment.  S/Sgt McGowan was killed
in action on 12 April 1945
Pfc Anthony Mucciolo-
563d Signal Company
Pfc Rowe W. Maxwell, 63rd MP Platoon,
1944, Camp Van Dorn, MS
A German Historian from the area of Osterburken-Adelsheim Germany has been scouring the battlefields in that
area and has recovered a number of items that may be of interest to you.    If you had ever wondered what
happened to all of the stuff you lost during the war, well it is still being dug up by Germans from the battlefields we
fought over in WWII.   Some of it is in amazingly good condition, while other items have suffered the ravages of time
and the elements.  The historian's name is Jurgen and he can be contacted at e-mail address:
While most of this material came from the
Osterburken-Adelsheim area (1st and 3d Bn 254th Inf
Regt were in the area 1-5 Apr 45), some of it was
recovered in other areas such as Bieringen, Weissbach,
Zimmern and Oberkessach.
1st Sgt Robert J. Johnson,
Headquarters Battery, 862d Field
Artillery Battalion.  1st Sgt Johnson
was Killed in Action on 19 March 1945
22 Oct 13