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Memorabilia Images- Page 4
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Med Det 254th Litter Training
Med Det 254th- Finally holding
something other than a mop.  L-R:
Hunt, Luteran, Carchio
Med Det 254th Infantry
Med Det 254th- Carchio, Gass,
Coker and Mike
med Det 254th Infantry
Med Det 254th I--Is this all they do is clean up?  Top R-L:
T/5 McClenen, S/Sgt Kenah, Cpl Potter, T/5 Stankovic.  
Botton R-L: T/3 Manini, Sgt Orr, T/3 Canine, S/Sgt Carroll.
(Note: T/3 Canine KIA Jebsheim Jan 45)
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