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H/255th in New York City 1948
Men of H Company 255th Infantry Regiment attending a reunion in New York City in February 1948.  
Individuals identified by numbers as follows:  #1- S/Sgt Wilbur R. Boyd, #2- S/Sgt John E. Calkins,
#3- 1/Lt Grant D. Simmonds Jr., #4- Cpl Bernard S. Bernard, #5- T/5 Leonard E. Charette, #6- Pvt
Mortimer Golden, #7- S/Sgt Norbert S. Forcheskie, #8- Charles V. Quinn, #9- Sgt Donald C.
Waterous, #10- S/Sgt Kenneth F. Lumm, #11- T/5 Robert L. Schepps, #12- 2/Lt Robert A. Hartman,
#13- T/4 Henry DeVries, #14- Cpl William J. Daly, #15- S/Sgt John Stefanko, #16- S/Sgt Anthony
Dondona, #17- 2/Lt Robert Fox, #18- T/Sgt Royal H. Durst, #19- Pvt Felix Fertig, #20- Sgt Ed Witt,
#21-S/Sgt Robert Fereguson Jr, #22- 2/Lt Michael J. Esposito, #23- Pfc Walter N. Thompson, #24-
Sgt Charles Beck
Members of K Company 255th Inf at WWII Memorial Aug 04
Members 255th Inf at 2004 reunion Falls Church VA
Krul K/255th Inf at WWII Memorial Aug 04
Included in this photo are Pfc Walter B. Krul, Pfc
Ralph F. Altman and Pfc Sam O. Sue all of K
Company 255th Infantry. One person in the photo
was not identified-- At the National WWII
Memorial in Washington D C 12 Aug 2004
Onb the left Pfc Walter B. Krul K/255th Inf
and Capt John W. Brown also of the 255th
Inf during the National Reunion of the 63d
Infantry Division Association August 2004
Pfc Walter B Krul, K/255th Infantry at WWII
Memorial in Washington DC 12 Aug 2004
63d European Tour Group
Image of 63d Inf Div tray
Image of 63d Infantry Division "tray" that was offered for sale at one time
for the price of $5.00.  Size of tray was 7" x 9" and 3/4" deep.
Cover page Med Det 253d Inf pamphlet- 1945
This is the cover page of a small booklet prepared by men of the Medical
Detachment, 253d Infantry Regiment after WWII.  The booklet contains
the names of all men assigned to the Medical Detachment with some
comments beside most names,

a list of those killed in action and a brief history of the combat period.  A
complete copy of this booklet appears on the History of the 253d Infantry
CD available from the Historian, 63rd Infantry Division Association.  
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