63rd Infantry Division
Miscellaneous Photos and
Memorabilia Images-  Page 7
The photos on this page were sent to us by Mrs. Lil Holloway, Daughter of William
Reilly, B Company 255th Infantry Regiment who was killed in action on 16
February 1945.
Group photo center Van Dorn
Group Photo Van Dorn Left Side
Group Photo Van Dorn Right Side
Photos Van Dorn 4
Photos Van Dorn 5
Photos Van Dorn 6
Photos Van Dorn 7
Photos Van Dorn 8
Photos Van Dorn 9
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S/Sgt Dino Neroni, B/255th
Infantry, Cp Van Dorn MS 1944
Members of B/255th at Camp Van
Dorn, MS 1944
LtoR(rear)  Pfc Samuel Engle, Pvt Paul
R. Overly. Front LtoR:  Pfc
Barney(Rebel) Alexander (KIA  9 Apr
45), Pfc Harold Clohosey B/255th
Infantry at Camp Van Dord MS 1944
LtoR:  Sgt Anthony Carbone, S/Sgt
Anthony Tolomeo and T/Sgt John A
Blaney  B/255th at Camp Van Dorn,
Ms - 1944
LtoR:  Pvt John(German) Malligo and
Pfc Harold Clohosey, B/255th
Infantry, Camp Van Dorn, MS 1944
Rear:  Pfc Harold Clohosey, Front LtoR:  Pfc
John Malligo, Pfc Paul a. Nowack, Pfc John L.
Stanfield, B/255th Infantry, Cp Van Dorn MS
B Company, 255th Infantry Regiment, Camp Van Dorn, MS 1944
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