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The following photographs are from a collection of S/Sgt Maxcy B. Patterson, I Company 253d Infantry Regiment and are contained in the
Memoirs written by S/Sgt Patterson and men of the 2d Platoon, I Company 253rd Infantry Regiment.  All photos pertain to that unit unless
otherwise indicated.  Ranks and grades shown in the captions reflect the highest grade attained prior to departure from the 63rd Infantry
Division.  The complete Memoirs of the 2d Platoon, I Company 253d Infantry Regiment can be viewed on the History of the 253d Infantry
Regiment CD available from the 63rd Infantry Division Association Historian, Bill Scott.  See the Memorabilia Section of this web site for details.
Eyerdam-I/253d Inf 1944
Pfc Robert A Eyerdam-1944
Bonifield I/253d Inf Regt
          1945                                                       1998
                                 T/Sgt Doyle E. Bonifield
Copeland I/253d Inf
            1944                                               1998
                               Pfc Henry E. Copeland Jr
Douglas  I/253d Inf
               1944                                                         1998
                                    Sgt Tony F. Douglas
Soucy and Douglas  I/253d Inf
L-R:  Pfc Paul A. Soucy and Sgt Tony F.
Douglas- 1997
Driemeyer  I/253d Inf Regt
          1945                                                          1998
                              Pfc Charles H. Driemeyer Jr
I/253d Inf Regt
Grice  I/253d Inf Regt
Hernandez  I/253d Inf Regt
             1942                                               1997
                               Pvt Harvey A. Grice
Pfc Marcelino A. Hernandez - 1997
  I /253d Inf Regt
Hughes  I/253d Inf Regt
  I/253d Inf Regt
                1943                                              1997                     
                             S/Sgt Alfred C. Hughes
L-R:  Sgt Eugene D. Biddle, T/Sgt(later 2d Lt) John Mellon, S/Sgt Alfred C
Hughes and S/Sgt Louis Kavelaras in New York City, November 1944
Jugan  I/253d Inf Regt
Mertzman  I/253d Inf Regt
         1944                                                        1998
                              Sgt Michael Jugan Jr
             1945                                                   1997
                            S/Sgt Stanley A. Mertzman
Miles  I/253d Inf Regt
Patterson  I/253d Inf Regt
            1946                                                 1998
                             Pfc Charles S. Miles
            1944                                                        1997
                                 S/Sgt Maxcy B. Pattrerson