Highway marker for Camp Van Dorn
Cover sheet to Van Dorn Tour
History of Camp Van Dorn
Main Headquarters Buildings
Troops arriving and barracks life
Signal Corps Units in the field
Training Courses
Post Service Buildings
USO Entertainment
Post Facilities
Post Hospital
Rifle Training
Engineer Training
Combat Courses
Artillery Training
Individual Training
Rifle Practice
Map of Camp Van Dorn with 63rd Infantry areas designated
Thanksgiving with the 718th FA 1944
Barracks scene
View of Barracks interior
Typical barracks
Company Latrine
Barracks 16th Street
Typical Mess Hall building
Mess Kit Cleaning
Chow Line
Bus Stop 16th Street
Christmas Dinner
Latrine and Mess Hall
Service Club
Post Chapel
Service Club
View up 16th Street
Obstacle Course
View of Camp
Antitank training
Obstacle Course
Corner of 7th Ave and 16th Street
Post Theater
Field Inspection
Luxury Family Quarters in Centreville, MS
Recreation Hall
Downtown Centreville, MS
Several Scenes after Camp's closing
Two additional Scenes after Camp's closing
Flag Ceremony during visit of 63rd Inf Div Veterans to Centreville
Reconstructed Main Gate- Revisit of 63rd Inf Div Vets to Centreville
Welcome sign made by BS Troop 81, Visit of 63rd Inf Div Vets to Centreville
Scene at reconstructed Main Gate, Visit by 63rd Inf Div Vets to Centreville
Governor of Mississippi Proclamation- Honoring 63rd Inf Div Veterans
View of street in Camp Van Dorn
63rd MP barracks
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