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63rd Division Flag with color guard- US Capitol Rotunda
K Company, 255th Infantry
B Battery 862d FA Bn
I Company 254th Infantry does New York City-1944
I Company, 255th Infantry - Rest after 25 Mile Hike
63rd MP Company at Camp Van Dorn
Hartungshof, Germany Photos
C Company 254th Infantry
63rd Infantry Division Staff Officers
C Company 254th Infantry
C Company 254th Infantry
C Company 254th Infantry
C Company 254th Infantry
C Company 254th Infantry
G Company 253rd Infantry
G Company 253rd Infantry
563rd Signal Company CO
C Company 253rd Infantry
C Company 253rd Infantry
C Company 253rd Infantry
Hq Co 63rd Inf Div KP Duty
363rd Medical Bn- Valentine present
I Company 255th Infantry - Softball Champs
Hq Co 3rd Bn, 255th Infantry
F Company 254th Infantry
Communications Platoon, 255th Infantry
F Company 253rd Infantry
63rd Infantry Division Mess Hall
Weapons Platoon, E Company 255th Infantry
63rd Infantry Division Medics go through litter training
Med Det 3rd Bn 255th Infantry- On Board Ship
Med Det 3rd Bn 255th Infantry
D Company, 254th Infantry
563rd Signal Company
Mortar Squad, H Company 253rd Infantry at Van Dorn
Special edition of The Blood and Fire- H Company 253rd Infantry??
German Army Engineer Knife
German Army Officer's Knife
German Arm Band, Lapel Insignia and 'Russian Hat Insignia
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Angelo Christopher D/254th presents flag to Mayor of Jebsheim France 2000
Jebsheim School Children present Peace flag at Peace meeting Jun 2000
Phil Milano, F/254th - l997 and 1945
D/254th Mini-Reunion Slippery Rock Pa 1992
MG Hibbs instructs troops at Camp Van Dorn
Company Photo I Company 254th Inf
German troops and horse with gas masks
K/254th Inf
K/254th Inf
K/254th Inf
K/254th Inf
K/254th Inf
Cpl Gold and friend after training AT 253rd Inf
M Co, 253rd Inf CVD
F Co, 255th Inf CVD
Med Det 254th Inf CVD
63rd Division Band CVD
Anti Tank Co, 255th Infantry CVD
Hq 254th Jeep on obstacle Course CVD
63rd Recon Troop
Krull, K Co 255th Infantry receives Purple Heart
T/5 Carchio, Med Det 254th Infantry
20 Oct 13