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* Route of the "Blood and Fire" Map
*  K/253rd Inf- Marseille and enroute to Sarreguemines France
* Hq 2d Bn/253rd Inf- Ormingen, France
* G/253rd Winter of 1944
* 255th Infantry- Achen France
* Map "Welferding Sag" 253rd Inf
* Drawing "Battle for Achen"
* 63rd Div Troops in Achen, France
* D/254th Inf Mortar Platoon, Kaysersberg, France Jan 45
* Map "Attack on Hill 216" France, 254th Infantry
* Bennwihr and Mittlewihr, France after liberation
* Mortar Platoon, D/254th Inf- Bennwihr, France Jan 45
* French civilians in Mittlewihr France Jan 45
* Map "Battle of Jebsheim, France" Jan 45
* Leaflet from Germans reference captured Americans Colmar Area France
Jan 45
* French armor moving through Jebsheim, France, Jan 45
* Viewing soldiers killed during the Battle of Jebsheim, Jan 45
* Battle patrol passing knocked out French tank- Jebsheim Jan 45
* Viewing soldiers killed during the Battle of Jebsheim- Jan 45
* Drawing- French armor entering Jebsheim France Jan 45
* Jebsheim Church and School before the War
* Jebsheim Chruch and School after the German invasion of 1940
* Jebsheim Church and School after the Battle of Jebsheim Jan 45
* Painting "Battle of Jebsheim, France- 1945"
* Jeep moving through Jebsheim after the battle- Feb 45
* Temporary cemetery for soldiers killed during the Battle of Jebsheim Feb 45
* German POWs- Colmar France Feb 45
* 363rd Med Bn enroute to Sarrebourg France 1945
* L/253rd Inf with German POW's Sarreguemines, France
* 63rd POW cage with prisoners of war.
* 3rd Platoon, L/253rd- 9 Feb 45
*253rd Infantry Church Services - Sarreguemines, France 11 Feb 45
* Drawing- Hambach, France by T/5 Thomas Hodgetts, 255th Inf
* C/253rd- Kleinblittersdorf- Germany 20 Feb 45
* 718th FA Bn in Alsace Feb 1945
* 63rd MP- Saar River Crossing- Sarreguemines 21 Feb 45
* Map "Attack on the Hahnbusch and Birnberg Stone Quarry" 253rd and
255th Inf
* Antitank Platoon, 1st Bn 255th Inf- Sarreguemines 13 Mar 45
* 822d Tank Destroyer Bn- Eschringen Germany 15 Mar 45
* 254th Infantry moving into Eschringen Germany 15 Mar 45
* Map  "Attack on the Siegfried Line " 15 Mar 45
* Hq Co, 254th Infantry- Ensheim, Germany Mar 45
* Armored vehicles moving through Ensheim, Germany 16 Mar 45
* 255th Infantry- moving out over "Dragons Teeth" Tank Barriers Siegfried
* A/254th- At captured Siegfried Line bunker 16 Mar 45
* 63rd Inf Div Sign announcing entrance to Siegfried Line Mar 45
* American Soldiers passing through St Ingbert, Germany 21 Mar 45
* Mortar Platoon, D/254th Infantry celebrate Siegfried Line victory Mar 45
* Two (2) Photos of Marlene Dietrich at Siegfried Line- Mar 45
* Marlene Dietrich entertaining 254th Inf troops at Kirkel Germany Mar 45
* 718th FA Bn in action
* Old bridge at Heidelberg Germany 30 Mar 45
* 289th Engineer Combat Bn ferrying 63rd troops across Neckar River
* Mosbach, Germany civilians reading proclamation from Mil Government
* C/254th Infantry- Heidelberg, Germany 31 Mar 45
* Signal Section, 255th Infantry- Heidelberg, Germany 31 Mar 45
* 255th Infantry moving through Sinsheim Germany 1 Apr 45
* Map " Jagst/Kocher Rivers Engagement" 253rd and 255th Infantry
* 255th Infantry- Troops in Waldenburg, Germany (Several Photos)
* 255th Inf in Sinsheim, Germany 4 Apr 45
* 1st Bn/255th Infantry- Mockmuhl, Germany 4 Apr 45
* 263rd Engineer Combat Bn- Pontoon Bridge- Scheffienz River 5 April 1945
* 1st Bn/253rd Infantry - American soldiers Killed in Action being recovered-
7 Apr
* German Inspector of Hygiene as POW Heidelberg, Ger Apr 45
* 63rd Medical Aid Man treats German soldier POW
* 3d Section/Mortar Platoon/ M/253rd Infantry- Germany Apr 45
* 6th Squad/Mortar Platoon/ D/254th Infantry in action April 1945
* 563rd Signal Company- Jeep after hitting a mine
* Mortar Platoon/ D Company 254th Infantry Germany Apr 1945
* Mortar squad in action D/254th Infantry Apr 45
* Hq Co, 3d Bn, 253rd Infantry- Machine Gunner at Kocher River 13 Apr 45
* 753rd Tank Bn on the move
* Map "Rat Race to Landberg, Germany" Apr 45
* I/254th Infantry in Germany (Two photos) Apr 45
* Tank/Infantry team in German village- Apr 45
* German POW's from Danube River area- Apr 45
* 3rd Bn/ 253rd Infantry- waiting for Danube River crossing 26 Apr 45
* 263rd Engineer Combat Bn positioning boats for Danube River crossing by
* B/253rd and B/43d Tank Bn near Schwabmunchen, Germany 27 Apr 45
* 1st Bn/255th Infantry on tanks moving down Autohahn near Scheppach, Apr
* 63rd Div convoy passes German Jet Planes parked along side the Autobahn.
* 255th Infantry Staff Officers
* !/255th Infantry in Germany
* Article by Hamilton, Hq Btry Div Arty
* B/363rd Med Bn in action (Eleven different Photos)
* 63rd Division troops moving through Gudingen Germany 1 Mar 45
* 63rd Division Bazooka team
* 63rd Division Troops with war trophies
* C/254th Infantry- Metzger receives the Silver Star
* Med Det 3rd Bn, 255th Infantry- Sarreguemines 15 Mar 45
* Med Det 3rd Bn, 255th Infantry- Damaged Aid Station
* B & K Company, 255th Infantry- (Three (3) Photos)
* 63rd Infantry-Tank Team in action
* 63rd soldiers search for snipers
* 254th soldiers at church service
* 254th Infantry soldiers crossing Neckar River
* Tents on "Ice Box Hill" Marseille, France
*  40 and 8 cars waiting to be loaded with division troops, Marseille, France
*  Burned out rail cars- Lyon, France
*  Damaged Rail Yard- Marseille, France
*  View of Lyon, France from train taking 63rd Division troops north.
*  Bartering for wine *  Troops on  40 & 8 Car
*  Sarreguemine Forest Bunker
*  Chow line during rail trip from Marseille
*  Testing Hand Grenade Techniques?
*  Intelligence Section, Hq 2d Bn 254th Infantry
*  Destroyed American Tank
*  Civilian Transporation in St Ingbert, Germany
*  German POW's *  Chow Time on the road
*  Entering Germany  courtesy 253rd Infantry
*  63rd Division troops preparing to cross Neckar River
*  Troops in Mannheim
*  Luxury accommodations for Hq personnel in Mannheim
*  Stadel, Germany church
*  Dinner time for Hq 2d Bn 254th Inf?
*  Intelligence Section Hq 2d Bn 254th Infantry
*  Members of Intel Section Hq 2d Bn 254th with Artillery observer
*  2d Squad, Antitank Platoon, 254th Infantry
*  Artillery unit in action
*  Intelligence Section Hq 2d Bn 254th Infantry
*  Overlooking Krautheim
*  Concrete bunker
*  Artillery laying smoke
*  Assaulting another German town
*  Dragons Teeth of the Siegfried Line
*  Jeep photo, E Company, 254th Inf
*  Jeep photo, Hq 254th Inf
*  Pozona in jeep, K/254th Inf KIA 9 Jan 45
*  Cpl Gold, AT 253rd Inf in the field.
*  254th Soldier with war trophies
*  H Company/ 254th Infantry in the field
*  A&P Platoon Hq 1st Bn 253rd Infantry
*  A&P Platoon Hq 1st Bn 253rd Infantry
*  A Company 263rd Engr at Siegfried Line
*  563rd Signal Company
*  63rd Band (Graves Registration Team) Sarreguemines France
*  Blies River Crossing
*  63rd Band (Graves Registration Team) and automobile
*  1st Bn 255th Siegfried Line bunker
*  Ensheim Germany, 15 Mar 45 245th Infantry
*  714th Tank Bn and 63d troops enter Homburg, Germany Mar 45
*  63d Troops entering Homburg, Germany May 45
*  63d troops crossing the Blies River
*  Destroyed 254th Inf Vehicle in Ensheim, Germany Mar 45
*  Civilians retreating from the battle zone.
*  Children of Ensheim, Germany 16 Mar 45
*  Path through the Siegfried Line "Dragons Teeth" used by 1st Bn 255th Inf
*  63rd troops cross the Saar River at Hanweiler, Germany Feb 45- 253d Inf
*  Leipheim, Germany bridge across the Danube Apr 45
*  German POW's being marched to the rear
*  D/253d Infantry in St Ingbert, Germany Mar 45
*  753d Tank and 263d Engr troops in Waldenburg, Germany Apr 45
*  Tanks in Waldenburg, Germany
*  View of Waldenburg after the battle Apr 45
*  Civilians return to Waldenburg after the battle- Aapr 45
*  Officers of the 1st Bn 254th Infantry plan an attack
*  254 Infantry on 40 and 8 cars moving to Camp Oberhofen Dec 44
*  C-253d Infantry soldiers
*  Harry Peppler Anti-Tank Company
*  K-253d Infantry soldiers
*  M-253d Infantry soldiers
*  Hq 254th Infantry soldiers
*  H- 253d Infantry soldiers
*  H & Hq Co 254th Infantry soldier
*  G- 254th Infantry at the Siegfried Line
*  Hq 1st Bn 254th Infantry Wire Section
*  Aboard the SS Sea Porpoise enroute to France Dec 44
*  A- 254th Infantry soldier
*  B-255th Infantry soldiers
*  View of Waldenburg, Germany street after the battle Apr 45
*  Church services in the field
*  Siegfried Line tank obstacles
*  Germany POW's lead to the rear
*  German leaflet dropped near Colmar France
*  4.2 Mortar crew near Ostheim France Jan 45
*  50 Cal. Machine Gun position near Bebelnheim France Jan 45
*  Bazooka Team in position near Colmar France Jan 45
*  M-10 Tank Destroyer in Ostheim, France Jan 45
*  2d Plat D Co 255th Infantry soldiers in Bad Wimphen, Germany
*  Damaged German train
*  Siegfried Line emplacement attacked by 1st Bn 255th Infantry
*  1st Bn 255th path through "Dragons Teeth" at Siegfried Line.
*  Damaged French tanks near Gros Rederching
*  2d Plat D Co 255th Infantry CP at Blies River area
*  30 Cal Machine Gun position at Blies River- D 255th Infantry
*  German Machine Gun position at Kocher River bridgehead area
*  30 Cal Machine Gun position at Kocher River bridgehead- D-255th Infantry
*  US fighter plane shot down.
*  Germany bomber aircraft shot down
*  Siegfried Line emplacement attacked by 1st Bn 255th Infantry
*  German soldier burial site on the battle field
*  View of Three Sisters Mountains at Bitche France
*  Destroyed German Tiger tank in Bitche, France
*  Entrance to German underground aircraft factory
*  Destroyed American tank at Ommersheim, Germany
*  Castle near Bad Wimphen, Germany
*  1st Bn 255th Infantry Kocher River crossing
*  German air transport plane after landing in D-255th Infantry area
*  Heilbronn Germany after air raid
*  Chateau at Kocher River Crossing 1st Bn 255th Infantry
*  253d Infantry soldiers on 40 & 8 rail cars Dec 44
*  63d soldiers at Marseille France staging area Dec 44
*  Shorty Myers Hq 2d Bn 253d Infantry- Feb 45
*  Beherns 253d Infantry
*  253d Infantry Antitank gun
*  253d Infantry soldiers on 40 & 8 cars Dec 44
*  Hq Co 2d Bn 253d Infantry wire section
*  2d Bn 253d Infantry on the move
*  253d Infantry soldiers
*  Supply Officer 253d Infantry views destroyed 253d vehicle
*  2d Bn 253d Infantry crossing the Neckar River near Heidelberg, Germany
*  2d Bn 253d Infantry wire section
*  Commo unit 2d Bn 253d Infantry
*  Saar River Crossing at Hanweiler- 253d Infantry
*  Shorty Myers, Hq 2d Bn 253d after shower
*  253d Infantry soldiers prepare a barbed wire obstacle
*  Several photos of Stein Germany after the battle - Apr 45 253d Infantry
*  "The Quarry" photo
*  253d Infantry on the move
*  German Jet fighter aircraft
*  253d Infantry and Engineers crossing the Saar River near Hanweiler
*  3d Plat L Co 253d Infantry  Machine gun squad run for position.
*  1st Bn 253d Infantry with German POW's Sarreguemines, France Feb 45
*  3d Bn 254th Infantry soldiers take a rest after the battle of Eschringen, Ger
*  253d Infantry Antitank gun at kleinblittersdorf, Germany
*  254th Infantry troops on the move into Eschringen, Germany 15 Mar 45
*  German POWs cross the Saar River near Hanweile- 253d Infantry
*  German POWs being moved by 3d Plat L Company 253d Infantry
*  Engineers build pontoon bridge across Danube River near Leipheim, Apr 45
*  Coyne and Kernins 1st Bn 255th Infantry
*  German Jet fighter aircraft near the Leipheim Air Base- Apr 45
*  Various views of men from A Company 254th Infantry
*  Various views of men from A Company 254th Infantry
*  Burney A/254th Inf
*  Miserendino B/255th Inf
*  Stanley and Rayne, Hq 263d Engr Bn
*  Shepherd,  C Company 263d Engr Bn
*  Hq Staff 263 Engr (C) Bn in Sarreguimines, France
*  View of Siegfried Line breached by C/263d Engr
*  Various bridge sites in Germany by C/263d Engr
*  Sgt Lallement, C/263d Engr- Bad Wimpfen
*  Soldiers from C/263d Engr
*  River Fords built by C/263d Engr
*  Jamison, Styles and Pyle C/263d Engr
*  Engineers taking a break after ferrying vehicles across the Danube River
*  255th Infantry Troops riding armored vehicles after crossing Danube River
*  Machine Gun Squad A/253d Inf
*  Soldiers from A/253d Inf
*  3d Platoon, A Company 253d Infantry
*  M Co 254th Infantry Mortar Section in Combat (7 photos_)
* G Co 253d Infantry-Montoux in Budingen Germany 1945
*  Cn Co 254th Inf soldiers in Germany 1945 (6 photos)
*  Hq Co 1st Bn 253d Infantry (5 photos)
*  Anderson B Co 255th Infantry
*  German Panzerfaust
*  German Nebelwerfer
*  Hq Co 254th Infantry (14 photos)
*  Hq Co 254th Infantry (13 photos)
*   Hq Co 254th Infantry (3 photos)
*  Hooven, A Company 253d Infantry
*  Jugan painting I Company 253d Infantry
*  Hq Co 1st Bn 253d Infantry (3 photos)
* Hq Co 1st Bn 253d Infantry (2 photos)
*  German Flag signed by members of A&P Plat Hq 1st Bn 253d Inf
*  German Propaganda leaflet
*  US Safe Conduct Pass
* 263d Engr(C) Bn (12 photos)
* 1st Bn 253d Infantry Regiment
* 63d Sign announcing passage through Siegfried Line
* Hq 3d Bn 255th Infantry Regment
*  563d Signal Company
*  563d Signal Company(2 photos)
*  AT 254th Infantry Regiment (2 photos)
*  63rd Band- 10 photos
*  63rd Band- 7 Photos
*  63rd Band- 13 Photos
*  Nazi Flag, H Co 253d Inf Regiment
*  F Company 254th Infantry Regiment (2 Photos)
*  B Company 254th Infantry Regiment (2 Photos)
*  Sketches by T/Sgt Yakas F Company 254th Infantry Regiment (12
*  Sketches by T/Sgt Yakas F Company 254th Infantry Regiment (3 sketches)
*  Hq Co 3d Bn, 255th Infantry Regiment (3 photos)
*  Hq Co 2d Bn, 254th Infantry Regiment
*  Cannon Company, 254th Infantry Regiment
*  I Company, 255th Infantry Regiment (14 photos)
*  I Company, 255th Infantry Regiment (13 photos)
*  63d Div Band and Graves Registration Unit (6 photos)
*  Hq 3d Bn 255th Infantry Regiment
*  A Company 254th Infantry Regiment
*  63rd Recon Trp (5 photos)
*  563d Sig Company (15 photos)
*  63rd Recon Trp
*  Hq 1st Bn 255th Infantry Regiment
*  C Btry, 861st Field Artillery Battalion
*  763rd Ord Co (2 photos)
*  I Company, 255th Infantry Regiment
*  Sketch by Sgt Jerry Keith, M Company 254th Infantry Regiment
*  US French Script- 254th Infantry
*  Photos of 63rd Infantry Division troops in Heidelberg, Germany (6 photos)
*  M/255th Inf
*  Hq 254th Inf
*  Battle of Colmar Pocket photos (8)
*  Battle of Colmar Pocket photos (7)
*  Battle of Jebsheim photos (4)
*  German Jet aircraft
*  G/255th Inf
*  563d Sig Co (3 photos)
*  Hq 1st Bn 255th Inf (3 photos)
*  B/363d Med Bn (3 Photos)
*  Hq 863d FA Bn (11 Photos)
*  Hq 863d FA Bn (15 Photos)
*  Hq 863d FA Bn (12 Photos)
*  B/363d Med Bn
*  Hq 861st FA Bn (14 Photos)
*  Hq 861st FA Bn (5 Photos)
*  E/255th Inf in Heidelberg
*  I/253d Inf (8 Photos)
*  254th Inf in Jebsheim, France (7 Photos)
*  Cohlmeyer C/363d Med Bn
*  Schwetzingen, Germany (254th Inf Regt) 3 photos
*  Siegfried Line
*   Hq Co 2d Bn, 254th Inf Regt (4 photos)
*  563d Sig Company
*  253d Inf Regt
*  254th Inf Regt (5 photos)
*  363d Med Bn
*  563d Sig Co (4 photos)
*  861st FA Bn (3 photos)
*  255th Inf Regt (8 photos)
*  D/254th Inf Regt
*  863d FA Bn
*  255th Inf Regt (2 photos)
*  363d Medical Bn (3 photos)
*  254th Inf Regt (3 photos)
*  255th Inf Regt (3 photos)
*  Division Artillery (2 pages of photos)
*  63rd Recon Troop (7 photos)
*  German Shu-mine
*  Soldiers have chow in the field in France
*  I/254th Inf- Ritner- (3 photos)
*  Infantry Aid Station in France
*  Troops moving through the Siegfried Line
*  Troops on assault boats
*  Cannon Co/254th Inf
* Hq Btry Div Arty- 2 photos
* A Co/ 263d Engr Bn
* Hq Co, 2d Bn, 254th Inf Regt- 6 photos
* G Company 254th Inf Regt
* Hq Btry Div Arty
* 563d Sig Co
* Hq Btry 862d FA Bn
* C Company 253d Inf Regt
*  D Company, 254th Inf Regt - 2 photos
* G Company, 255th Inf Regt- 4 photos
* Medical Detachment, 863d FA Bn, 11 photos
* Hq Co 1st Bn, 253d Inf Regt- 9 photos
* 862d Field Artillery Bn
* E Company 253d Inf Regt
* German Jet Planes
* Hq 63d Inf Div Artillery
* 2d Bn, 254th Infantry Regt (Gramolini)
* Hq Co, 1st Bn 254th Inf Regt (10 photos)
* L Company, 253d Inf Regt
* German refugees- Forchtenberg, Germany
* 63d Inf Div soldiers- St Ingbert, Germany
* 363d Med Bn
* B Company, 263d Engr Bn
* C Company 263d Engr Bn
* C Company, 253d Inf Regt (9 Photos)
* Med Det 254th Inf Regt
* Hq 253d Inf Regt
* 1st Bn, 253d Inf Regt
* 555th Engineer Heavy Pontoon Bn- Neckar River (7 Photos)
* F Company, 253 Inf Regt (Kuhlman)
* B Company, 254th Inf Regt (Mayer)
* War Dept Telegram- KIA Lt Robinson, 861st FA Bn
* B Company, 253d Inf Regt (Bard)
* Med Det 254th Inf  Regt WWII Itinerary
* C Company, 255th Inf Regt (The Quarry) 20 photos
* 263d Engr Bn (18 photos)
*  Final order of the German High Command to end hostilities.
*  German Surrender Documents
*  Japanese Surrender Document
* The War is over
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