Pictorial History of the 63rd
Infantry Division in Combat-Page 6
German POW's in Colmar, France 2 Feb 45
Church Services Sarreguemines, France
German POW's at PW Cage
253rd bringing POW's to shore
Thomas Hodgetts drawing, Hambach, France
German POW's being escorted by French Soldier.  Thirty Germans were found
hiding in the barracks building in the background. Colmar, France, 2 Feb 45
Regimental Chaplain, John F. Fournie, welcomes men of
the 253rd Infantry to services in a damaged church in
Sarreguemines, France, 11 Feb 45
In the Sarreguemines area of France, a small boatload of
prisoners are marched away by men of the 3d Plt. Col L,
253rd Infantry- 7 Feb 45
German POW's go through initial shakedown at the 63rd Division PW cage.
This drawing was done by T/5 Thomas Hodgetts, Hq 255th Infantry Regiment.  Drawing supplied by his
daughter Lynn Hodgetts.  Although not stated in the following description, the Railway Station Sign shows
Hambach, which is a town about 8 kilometers SSW of Sarreguemines, France.  The drawing had an
accompanying description, however it was not too legible so I have copied the description and it appears

"This is a typical railway station of a small French town in Alsace-Lorraine.  There are about 200 houses
built fairly close together on each side of the road.  About one tenth of the houses in this town were totally
destroyed.  Most of them by fire caused by enemy action.  Most of the roofs are of dark brown tile and
the sides of a sort of stucco finish with a yellow, gray or purple like hue.  Most of the signs at the RR
station are in German.  Most of the homes are built together with a barn all in the same building.  Behind
the houses and surrounding the village are the farm lands worked by the people of the village.  The trains
are not running here yet and you can see how the road has built up over the tracks.  The Frenchmen are
working on the railways and powerlines and will soon have them in order again.  This is a main RR line.
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253rd Infantry Troops
Smoke grenade is tossed to prepare the way for men of the
3rd Plt. Co L, 3rd Bn 253rd Inf Regt to storm the building.  
Their final objective at Sarreguemines, France, 9 Feb 45
363rd Med Bn on the Road from Marseilles, Feb 45
Troops of the 363rd Medical Battalion take a rest during
their trip from Marseilles, France to the area near
Sarrebourg, France.  2 Feb 45
Jeep moves through Jebsheim after the Battle
Temporary cemetery for dead of Battle of Jebsheim
jeep moves through the streets of Jebsheim after
the battle- Feb 45
Temporary cemetery for some of the 900 men killed in
action during the Battle of Jebsheim- Feb 45
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