63rd Infantry Division
Miscellaneous Photos and
Memorabilia Images- Page 111
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The following page of photographs was extracted from the Memoirs of 1st Lt Marvin O. "Bud"
Breeding, 863d Field Artillery Battalion.
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Pfc Paul V. Schad, E Company 253d Infantry
Regiment.  Pfc Schad was wounded in action
on 15 March 1945 and died of those wounds
on 14 April 1945
On the Left-  Pvt Rosario Palermo , I
Company 254th Infantry Regiment.  Photo
taken sometime after the war.  Person on
the right is not identified.
For some reason the complete photo was not provided.  
Some of the members of this I Company 254th Infantry
Regiment Rifle Squad are cut off on the left.  Seated
L-R:  Pfc Harold K. Elliott (KIA-only a portion of him is
shown)- Pfc Hubert Schwartz and squad Medic(not
identified).  Standing L-R:  Pfc James A. Hanna (only
partially shown), Pfc Earl B Heckman (KIA),??????, Pfc
Leo Forester and S/Sgt William E Byrnes . Photo
furnished by Rick Meier, Nephew of Pvt Palermo.
Sign at hotel in Franklin, Tenn announcing the 1986 reunion of I Company, 254th Infantry
Regiment.  Photo furnished by Rick Meier, Nephew of Pvt Rosario Palermo .
22 Oct 13