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63rd Infantry Division
All shown in the photo are from H Company, 253d Infantry Regiment.  Research of the names revealed the following;
2dLt Fred G. Branam. S/Sgt Benjamin P. Breglia, Pfc Max B. Nunn, Pfc Walter J. Rajczak, S/Sgt John, J. R. Kinney,
(Briglia seems to be a duplicate of Breglia) Pfc Thomas A. Pinchback, S/Sgt Eli Podlesney, Pfc Wilford D. Raymond,
Cpl Roland J. St Gelais, Pfc or T/5 Paul E or Theodore W Wolf, Pfc Thomas J. Casey, Pfc Elmer E. Buchholz, S/Sgt
Roman Korczynski, Pfc Raymond L Radzikowski, S/Sgt Leo L. Strack, Pfc Michael Prenzi, 2dLt or Pfc Cager or James
Nelson, Pfc Harry J Murphy Jr, Pfc Dominick Busco, Pfc LOouis McDowell Jr and Pfc James N. Salmon.  NOTE:  Where
two grades and names are listed, only the last name was on the photo and there were two members of H/253 with that
last name.
The two items above were from the files of T/4 Forrest Grant Holts of Headquarters 63rd Infantry Division.  
Personnel listed on the address page are from Headquarters and Headquarters Company 63rd Infantry Division
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Photo taken by Herr Rolf Meister, German Historian in 1988 during a visit of A Company, 253d
Infantry Regiment veterans to the Buchhof/Stein area.  L-R:  Mrs Urban and Mrs Vermillion, Dr.
Linscott , Professor Dr, Guenther Beck-German Historian, Pfc Clifford Urban, T/Sgt Carl A.
Jackson, S./Sgt Paul Vermillion, Hermann Henninger and Freiherr Von Goler Ravenburg.
Pfc John H. LeClere, A Company 254th Infantry
Pfc  Alf L. Crutchfield, I Company, 254th Infantry Regiment (4th Platoon).
Message board installed at Colerain High School, Cincinnati, Ohio.  Photo supplied by Mrs
Chris Heather, daughter of Pfc Rodger W. Huether, F Company 255th Infantry Regiment.
Did you ever wonder how the Army decided where they would send you for training after you were drafted or enlisted?  Well take a look at the Army Testing Informational Booklet to find out why you were
sent to the Infantry instead of the Quartermaster.  
Click here for access to that booklet.
Staff Sergeant Paul Obal, B Company, 255th Infantry Regiment- Camp Van Dorn, MS 1943-44
Others is group photo are not identified
The four photos above were taken at the Saint Avold Military Cemetery, Lorraine France by German Historian Michael Jordan.
Sergeant Richard R. Perry, G Company, 255th Infantry
Regiment.  Photo taken in Amsterdam, Netherlands 1945
Photos and newspaper article above, relate to Sgt Richard R. Perry, G Company 255th Infantry Regiment