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The following photograph was furnished by Jim Storer, 63rd Reconnaissance Troop.
The photo was very wide so I had to scan it in sections.  I have put them together
as close as possible to the original photo.  Please scan to the right to view the
complete photograph.
Photograph of the 5th Company Replacement Training Group, Camp Van Dorn, MS.  29 Apr 44.  This company gave replacements Basic
Training prior to their assignments to Infantry units in the 63rd Infantry Division.  Below is a list naming some of the men appearing in the
photograph, although the location of only three(3) of those men in the photo is available.  Bill Pink (D Company 254th Infantry) is the third
man from the left in the second row(#1).  James Storer,(63rd Reconnaissance Troop) is in the first row. 7th person from the right.(#2) and
Pfc Clarence Galley (I Company 253d Infantry) is the last man in the front row-left section (#3).
Scan to the right to view complete photograph
Along with the photograph, Jim provided a list of names of individuals who had signed the reverse side of
his photograph. Those names appear below with as much information as I could locate on them.  Their
position in the photograph is not known except for Bill Pink and Jim Storer.
Name and last known

Pfc R. Childress
Pfc Gerald Costigon
Pfc Stan Covaleski
Pfc Hugh Curry
Pfc Robert Daly
Pfc Anthony J. DiPietre
S/Sgt John W. Duvall
Pfc Richard Frye
Pfc Robert Fuller
Pfc Clarence. F. Galley
Pfc Robert Harter
Pfc Dale Hartman
Pvt Jim Hennessy
T/Sgt Lesley L. Isley
Pfc Harry B Johnson
Pfc Jim Larkin
Pfc Anthony LePore
Pvt Robert Leavitt
Pfc Edwin M Luce
2d Lt K. R Mancini
T/Sgt John P Mangan
Cpl James McMinn
T/Sgt Ernest Neault
Pvt Edward Novell
Pvt Patsy Offredo
Pvt William O'Grady
Sgt Clarence Olinger
Sgt Bill Pink
Pfc Edward J.  Poirier
S/Sgt Arnold Quick
S/Sgt Ronald K. Schock
Pfc Jim Storer
Unit assigned to:

B Co 255th Inf
G Co 255th Inf
A Co 254th Inf
A Co 254th Inf (KIA 5 Apr 45)
L Co 253d Inf
A Co 253d Inf
E Co 254th Inf
D Co 255th Inf
63d Recon Trp
I Co 253d Inf (KIA  9 Apr 45)
I Co 253d Inf
A Co 253d Inf
B Co 255th Inf
E Co 254th Inf
A & F Co 255th Inf
Hq Co 2d Bn 253d Inf
Hq Co 1st Bn 254th Inf
Hq Co 1st Bn 253d Inf
A Co 254th Inf (KIA 23 Jan 45)
G Co 254th Inf
254th Inf
B Co 253d Inf
E Co 255th Inf
A Co 254th Inf and G Co 253d
L Co 253d Inf
K Co 253d Inf
A Co 254th Inf
D Co 254th Inf
F Co 253d Inf (KIA 16 Apr 45)
A Co 254th Inf
E Co 255th Inf
63d Recon Trp
Hometown at time of

?, Virginia
? New Hampshire
New Britain, CN
Chicopee, MA
? Rhode Island
New Britain, CN
Sykesville, MD
Norton, VA
North Conway, NH
Bernard, ME
Cleveland, OH
Hunlock Creek, PA
Brooklyn, NY
Key West, FL
Cleveland, OH
Bridgeport, CN
Cleveland, OH
Concord, NH
Burlington, NJ
New Britain, CN
West Newton, PA
Lowell, MA
Worcester, MA
New Castle, PA
Lowell, MA
Gate City, VA
Slippery Rock, PA
Worcester, MA
Avoca, PA
? Pennsylvania
Elizabeth, PA

5 Apr 45


9 Apr 45


23 Jan 45


16 Apr 45
* Rank and date of death as shown on available records.
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Photo of Cannon Company, 254th Infantry Regiment, Camp Van Dorn, MS  September 1944.  
Photo furnished by James Sellers. Scan to the right to see full photo