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The following photographs were furnished by Sgt John Burney, A Company 254th Infantry Regiment
Kitcher A/254th Inf
Headstone in Lorraine France Cemetery
for Pfc George Kitcher KIA 20 Mar 45-
A Co 254th Inf
Luce A/254th Inf
Headstone in Epinal France Cemetery for Pfc
Edwin Luce KIA 23 Jan 45 on Hill 216- A Co
254th Inf
Holley A/254th Inf
Headstone S/Sgt Lawrence J McGowan in Lorraine France Cemetery.  KIA 12 Apr
45 A Co 254th Inf
Fligger, DeBliss and Rand A/254th Inf
L-R: Miles W Fligger, Albert DeBliss and John E Rand
Sr A Co 254th Inf in Camp Van Dorn, MS- 1944
Luce A/254th Inf
Pfc Edwin Luce (KIA 23 Jan 45 at Hill
216) A Co 254th Inf Camp Van Dorn MS
Williams, O'Sullivan and Stauble A/254th Inf
L-R: Williams, O'Sullivan and Charles M Stauble (KIA-16
Mar 45) A Co 254th Inf Camp Van Dorn MS 1944
Quick A/254th Inf
Pfc Arnold L. Quick A Co 254th Inf Camp Van
Dorn MS, 1944
Fligger, Huey, Rand and Miller A/254th Inf
L-R Standing:  Pfc Miles Fligger, Pfc Clarence Huey, John
E Rand, Pfc Glen A Miller(KIA-16 Apr 45).  Sitting: L-R:
Pfc Wesley Heimer and Pfc Earle K Kelch(later a 2d Lt) A
Co 254th Inf at Camp Van MS 1944
Pike, Stauble and Harris A/254th Inf
L-R: Pfc Wesley N Pike , Charles M
Stauble(KIA 16 Mar 45 at Siegfried Line) and
Pfc Jesse Harris A Co 254th Inf at Camp Van
Dorn MS 1944
Hughes, Heimer A/254th Inf
L-R:  Hershell Hughes and Wesley Heimer A Co 254th
Inf at Camp Van Dorn MS 1944
Holly and Burney A/254th Inf
L-R:  T/Sgt Quintin Holley (KIA 12 Apr 45) and
Sgt John Burney A Co 254th Infantry at Camp
Van Dorn 1944
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