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Soldiers, 563d Sig Co Cp Van Dorn MS 1944
In this photo are soldiers of the 563d Sig Company, Cp Van
Dorn MS 1944.  Pvt Harold J. O'Neill is driving.  Others in
the photo are Pvt Anderson Casey, Taylor and M/Sgt
Bernard Trostle.
Pvt Montoux, at Fort Benning 1944
Pvt Edgar Montoux, training
at Fort Benning, Ga 1944-
G/253d Infantry Regiment
Pfc Montoux, G/253d Inf Cp Van Dorn MS1944
Pfc Edgar Montoux, G/253d Infantry, Cp
Van Dorn, MS 1944
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4th Repl Training Group Cp Van Dorn MS 1944
4th Repl Training Group Cp Van Dorn, MS 1944
4th Repl Training Group Cp Van Dorn, MS 1944
4th Co Repl training Group Cp Van Dorn MS 1944
4th Company, Replacement Training Group, Camp Van Dorn, MS 17 Apr 1944.  Due
to the width of this photograph you will have to scroll to the right to view the complete
picture.  Photo furnished by Edgar Montoux G Company 253d Infantry
 T/5 Benjamin Hudson, F/255th Infantry
T/5 Benjamin Hudson, F Company
255th Infantry
T/5 Benjamin Hudson F/255th Infantry
T/5 Benjamin Hudson, F Company
255th Infantry
Cpl Donald A. Freese, A/861st FA
Cpl Donald A. Freese, A Btry,
861st FA Bn home on leave 1944
Nazi Flag signed by members of L/255th Infantry
This Nazi flag is currently displayed in The Veterans Museum, The Federal Building, 11000
Willshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024 and is signed by twenty-four  members of L Company
255th Infantry Regiment and their Company Aidman from Medical Detachment 255th Infantry
Regiment: Photo of the flag and list of names was furnished by  Mark Katz and Museum
Director Stew Liff.
Signers of the flag to the left are:
A. M Carney, Augusta Maine
William Sagurton (Medic)- Keansburg, NJ
Edward Zembruski, Joilet, Illinois
Henry Chimelowski, Camden, NJ
Howard L. Lewis, Rutland, VT
Terrell G.Wright, Raymond, MS
Gerald Bodesiler, Montgomery, MI
Samuel J. Gilpin, Blue Hill, NB
Gordon E. Rintoul, Lincoln Park, MI
Paul El Winkler, St Louis, MO
Leonard R. Segura
Seamorn , Stuck, MI
Thomas A Dalton
Gilbert V. Dawson, Philomont, VA
Al Rubino, Chicago, IL
Charles W. Erg, McClure, PA
Earl Wilkerson, Fulton, KY
Pfc "Bill", Painsville, OH
Bob "Ugly" Crone, Union City, NJ
Richard Brower, Teresa, NY
Charles Barnes, Sheridan, AR
Silas Morrow
Cal Zimmerman
Joe Zimmerman
Charles J. Ellis