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Issue Number 64                                     March 2019
All information in this Newsletter is developed by Fred Clinton, Webmaster, 63rd Infantry Division  and does not necessarily reflect the
views of other individuals and is in no way an Official Publication of the 63rd Infantry Division or 63rd Infantry Division Association.
Well another year has passed since I last
published this newsletter and not a whole
lot has happened of interest to our 63rd
Infantry Division veterans and their
families.  I wanted to prepared this issue
for a single happening that I think would
be of interest , particularly to the 253d
Infantry Regiment veterans and their

253d Infantry Regiment
General Orders;
Ever since the 63rd Infantry Division
Association made an effort to obtain
all of the important records of the
division there has been a significant
void in the records that we were able
to find and copy.  
Over the years members of our
division spent countless hours in the
various centers keeping military files
copying those files so that we could
make them available to members of
the Association and their families.
The void was the fact that we were
never able to find the General Orders
for the 253d Infantry Regiment.  We
had all of the others but for some
reason or another the 253d IR orders
were not in the Saint Louis Records
Center files or in the files maintained in
the records repository located in
College Park, Maryland.
I personally went to College Park on
several occasions and wrote to that
office asking for those files, all to no
Well several weeks ago a family
member of one of our 253d IR
veterans sent me a notice that our
efforts to obtain a Combat Infantryman
Badge and a Bronze Star Medal  for
his father were successful.  He also
said that the Awards and Decorations
Branch , Human Resources Command
at Fort Knox, KY had advised him that
they had found an order awarding his
father a CIB dated April 1945.  

Well that peaked my interest- where
did they get an order and why weren't
they on file in the military archives?  I
contacted them and talked to the Chief
of the Awards and Decorations Branch
and he said that they had obtained
them from a project conducted by the
University of Michigan, where they
were contracted to copy orders and
provide the microfilm or microfiche to
the Adjutant General's Office,
Department of the Army.  He agreed to
send me digital images of the orders
that he had but indicated that they were
in many cases not legible.  He also
indicated that the orders were not
"General Orders" that were required to
be issued for awards, but "Special
Orders".  (Perhaps this is the reason
that they were never placed in the
military archives).
253d Infantry Regiment
General Orders (Continued)
Since receiving the digital orders I have
spend quite a number of hours trying to
decipher them and enter into our files for the
253d Infantry Regiment the names of the
men who were awarded the Combat
Infantryman Badge and Combat Medical

I still have many to go, because it has been
a slow process trying to match the faint or
distorted names and service numbers with
the information that we have already
published in the regimental unit files.

Sadly I have found that many of the men
awarded to CIB were killed in action after
the order was issued and I would guess that
the award was never recorded in their final
records, thus their families are not aware of
that award or the fact that with that award the
veteran could be awarded a Bronze Star
Medal for Meritorious Service.  To further
complicate the situation the policy of
awarding a Bronze Star Medal to recipients
of the CIB or CMB was not published until
after World War II was over.

To show you the condition of most of the
orders I received I am attaching a copy of
one of the pages.

Having said all of this I would like to offer to
any remaining members of the 253d Infantry
Regiment or their families a chance to
complete their military files and if not already
done so to apply for the award of a Bronze
Star Medal based on the award of a CIB or

I cannot assure you that I can find or
decipher the award for each member, but I
will do what I can to make the award happen.

You can find the process for making
application for the award of a Bronze Star
Medal based on the CIB or CMB at the
following address:

Should you have any questions concerning
the 63d Infantry Division or awards to the
men of the division, please contact me at
This is one of the better copies that I have been working with.