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The following photographs were furnished by Harold Specktor, C Company 263d Engineer (Combat) Battalion
Members 2d Plat C Company 263d Engr- Germany 45
Two members of 2d Plat C Co 263d
Engr- Germany 45
Bad Mergentheim Enlisted Club- Germany 45
Bad Mergentheim Enlisted Club-
Germany 45
Building Anderson Bowl, C/263d Engr Germany 45
Building Anderson Bowl C/263d Engr Germany 45
C Company 263d Engr Bn building the memorial Anderson Bowl- Germany 1945
C/263d Engr building foot bridge- Germany 45
C/263d Engr Bn- Taking a rope across a stream
in preparation for building a foot bridge-
Germany 1945
Attending Jewish services, Bad Mergentheim, Germany 1945
C Co 263d Engr Bn Mess hall- Egersheim, Germany 45
C Company 263d Engr Bn Messhall-
Egersheim, Germany 1945
Troops attending Jewish services in Bad Mergentheim,
Germany 1945
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Pfc Hubert Johnson E/255th Inf Germany 1945
Pfc Hubert Johnson, E Company 255th
Infantry Regiment- Mannheim-Kafertal,
Germany 1945
Soldiers E/255th Inf Regt, Germany 1945
E Company, 255th Infantry Regiment- Germany 1945.  
Photo furnished by daughter of Pfc Hubert Johnson.
Soldiers appearing in photo are:  Pfc Robert C Harvey, Pfc
Leonard R Jones, Pfc George Nuckels, Cpl Carmen
Aquino, Sgt Norman C Wood, Sgt Homer Maye Cornett,
Pfc "Bill" Dahlin, Pfc Reynolds F."Ray" Cattanio and Pfc
Hubert Johnson.  Pfc Johnson is the 2d man from the right
in the first row.
Ed Kelly, E/253 Inf in Germany 1945
Edward Kelly, E Company 253d
Infantry, Germany 1945
soldiers, A/263d Engr Bn, Germany 1945
A Company, 263d Engr C Bn in
Germany: L-R:  ??,??. S/Sgt William
E Snyder.  First soldier on the left
may be S/Sgt Cecil Thomas
Soldiers, AT/254th Inf Regt, Germany 1945
Soldiers of Anti-tank Company, 254th Infantry
Regiment in Germany.  Front- L-R:L. Joe Freed
(Dallas, TX),R. Jerry Littman (Brooklyn, NY)
Middle: L-R: L. Arthur F Siebert, Archie Mabon
(Delhi NY) and Ted Hernitche.  Rear:  unknown