Camp Van Dorn, Mississippi  
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The following photos of various locations in and around
Camp Van Dorn were furnished for our use by Ron
Caulfield, son of the author of the
"Birth and Death of a
World War II Army Camp, Camp Van Dorn, Mississippi".

References to streets and major buildings can also be
checked out by looking at the
Camp Van Dorn map located
on Page 17 of the Camp Van Dorn, Mississipi Section.
Typical bunk arrangement in barracks
Typical bunk and clothing
arrangement in Camp Van Dorn
Barracks. (Not a 63rd Photo- 99th
Inf Div photo)
Inside of a typical barracks
Typical barracks arrangement, although we did have
footlockers at the foot of the bed.
Photos during the life of Camp Van Dorn Mississippi
Deluxe barracks at Van Dorn-
Deluxe barracks at Camp Van Dorn-  Note
elaborate landscaping.
Company Latrine
Company Latrine (bathroom).  Absolutely no
privacy in one of these buildings.  If you were
bashful, you best figure out a way to get a
View of barracks along 16th Street
View of barracks along 16th Street
Mess Hall building
Company Mess Hall
Cleaning mess kits.
Making sure the mess kits are clean.
Waiting for the mess hall to open
Waiting to get some of that good army
Bus Stop
Bus Stop at 13th Ave and 16th
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Ready for Christmas dinner
We're ready to feed the troops Christmas
Company area
View of a Company area.  Latrine to the right
and messhall in the left background