Camp Van Dorn, Mississippi  
Photos during the life of Camp Van Dorn,
Mississippi continued
Service Club
Service Club
Recreation Hall
Post Recreation Hall
Post Theater
Post Theater
Post Chapel
Post Chapel
Service Club
Another view of the  Recreation Hall
16th Street
Looking down 16th Street
View Corner 7th St and 13 Ave
View of 7th Street and 13th
View of Camp
View of Camp
Obstacle Course
A portion of the Post Obstacle Course
37mm training
Training with the 37mm Anti-tank gun.  Now
this thing should stop one of those Tiger
Obstacle Course
Another portion of the Post Obstacle Course
Full Field Inspection
Full field inspection.  "OK, pass this baby and
its Baton Rouge for me this weekend!!"
Luxury family quarters in Centreville
Luxury family quarters in Centreville,
Mississippi. Life can't get much better than
Busy downtown Centreville
Busy downtown Centreville, 1943
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