Camp Van Dorn, Mississippi  
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Death of Camp Van Dorn, Mississippi
After the 63rd Infantry Division left Camp Van Dorn in late 1944, no
other division size unit was stationed there and it died a slow death and
was declared surplus and closed after the war.   Very little remains of the
infrastructure except for a few roads here and there.  The following
pictures were furnished by Ron Caulfield of Jackson Mississippi.  These
photos show some of the remains of what was once a teeming active
camp filled with over 20,000 soldiers..  As you can see from these
pictures, Mother Nature has a way of reclaiming almost everything.

The only (partial) barracks left at Camp Van Dorn is a building shown
below, located on 25th Street.  It was the 3rd barracks between 16th
and 17th Avenues, possibly in the 2d Bn, 255th Infantry area. The
barracks shown is on the original foundation, but has been reduced in size
(length), a porch was added and it is used as a hunting club.

The grease rack picture is located on 15th Avenue between 21st and
23rd Street.  Might have been the Motor Pool of the 1st or 2d Bn 255th

The concrete reservoir pictured below is located west of 13th Avenue.  It
is near and west of the area occupied by th 718th FA Bn.
Remains of Camp Van Dorn
Remains of Camp Van Dorn
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