63rd Infantry Division
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63d Div song
Did you know that there is a song about the 63rd Infantry Division?   Well here it is.
Words to the 63rd Infantry Division song follow:
Words to the 63rd Inf Div song
For some reason the words don't inspire me.   If you have another more dynamic song about the 63rd send it to me.
1985 Reunion Washington D C
Some of the 63d Infantry Division veterans who attended the National Reunion in Washington D C 1985:   All are from the 254th Infantry
Regiment except where indicated:  Back row L-R:  2d Lt Vince McFarland (I), Pfc Jack Bender(D), Pfc William Pownall (K), S/Sgt William E.
Byrnes Jr (I), Pfc Melven D. Goebel(I), S/Sgt William E. Snyder (A/263d Engr), 1st Lt James Fl Jordan (Hq 1st Bn), Pfc Leon Mower (I), Pfc
Maurice Reagan (B), Sgt John A. Linscott (A/253d Inf) and John C. Callaway(Cn).  Seated L-R:  LtCol Gustavus H. Stewart(563d Sig), 1stLt
Albert Smithson (F), Sgt James Taylor (F), T/5 Harvey Coker (F), Sgt Roger E. Johnson (G), Sgt Henry V. Roberts (D), S/Sgt Robert L.
Ross (G), T/Sgt Harold K. LaCosse (F), Pfc Joseph D. Kerns (E) and Maj Michael Baymor (Hq 63d)
C/253d troops at Washington D C reunion 1985
C Company, 253d Infantry Regiment veterans
attending the 1985 Washington D C reunion
Soldiers from A/254th Inf Regt at Camp Van Dorn MS 1944
A Company, 254th Infantry soldiers at Camp Van Dorn, MS 1944
22 Oct 13