63rd Infantry Division
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The following photographs were furnished by Marilyn Johnson McDowell, daughter of T/5
Robert James Johnson, B and Sv Battery 862d Field Artillery Battalion.
T/5 Johnson- 862d FA Bn enroute back to USA
T/5 Johnson, 862d FA Bn- 1944
T/5 Robert James Johnson, B and Service Battery, 862d FA Bn
on USS Sheepshead returning to USA
T/5 Robert James Johnson, B and
Service Battery, 862d FA Bn -1944
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Cpl John. O. Poole, G Company 255th Infantry
Regiment.  KIA 8 April 1945. (Photo furnished by Homer
Birdsong, nephew of Cpl Poole)
Cpl John O. Poole, G/255th Inf Regt KIA 8n Apr 1945
Pvt Geaney, E/254th Inf Regt- 1944
Pvt. John T. Gearney, E Company 254th
Infantry Regiment- 1944
Philadelphia Chapter 16 Sep 07
Forty-Four members and friends of the Philadelphia Chapter, 63rd Infantry Division Association at
the Resorts Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ on 16 September 2007
Kitchen Crew, Hq 1st Bn 253d Inf Regt, Germany May 1945
The "Kitchen Crew" Headquarters 1st Bn, 253d Infantry
Regiment in Germany, May 1945.  The two(2) men on the left
of the first two rows were thought to be Polish DPs.  Photo
furnished by T/Sgt Aubrey M. Rogers Hq 1st Bn 253d Inf.
Pfc Goldberg, H/253d Inf Regt post WWII
Cpl Joseph Goldberg, H Company 253d Infantry Regiment
(Left in photo) back in the US after being released as POW-
1945.  Soldier on the right is identified as Joseph Novelli of
Chicago- unit unknown. Photo provided by Micki Zurcher,
daughter of Cpl Goldberg.  
Pfc Theodore Gnias, 63d Recon Troop 1944
Pfc Theordore Gnais, 63rd Recon Troop, 1944
Pfc Theodore Gnias, 63rd Reconnaissance Troop 1944.   Pfc Gnias was killed in action on 31
March 1945.
Hq Co 2d Battalion 254th Inf Regt, Cp Van Dorn, MS 1944
Members of Hq Co, 2d Bn, 254th Inf Regt after completing the infiltration
course at Camp Van Dorn, MS 1944.  Front in prone position- S/Sgt
Harold Mauser.  First row L-R:  S/Sgt John Gramolini, ?,? , T/Sgt Carl H.
Weber, Cpl Stephen Stetzko, and Cpl Harold W. James.  Rear Row: L-R:  
Olson, ? ? ? and Pvt Casimere Tootikian
Note:  T/5 Johnson died 10 Mar 2008
Hq Co 2ds Bn 254th Inf Regt Cp Van Dorn, MS 1944
Members of Hq Co, 2d Bn 254th Infantry Regiment at Camp
Van Dorn, MS 1944.  L-R:  S/Sgt John Gramolini, Pfc Robert
H. Colburn, Cpl Stephen Stetzko and Pfc Paul A. Aldrich.  
Photo above and this photo provided by S/Sgt John Gramolini