63rd Infantry Division
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T/5 George Soper's photos of the 63rd Infantry Division Band at Cp Van Dorn, MS continue
63d Band members and friends , Cp Van Dorn, MS 1944
63d Infantry Division Band members and friends, Cp Van Dorn,
MS 1944:  L-R: Pfc Charles Falconio, Unknown woman(Rose
maybe), "Downbeat" and T/4 Peter Tannenbaum.
Marquis, 63d Band Cp Van Dorn MS 1944
T/4 Bernard Marquis, 63d Band,
Cp Van Dorn, MS 1944
63d Band on infiltration course, Cp Van Dorn, MS 1944
A really great view of the 63rd Infantry Division Band crawling through the
Infiltration Course at Camp Van Dorn, MS 1944.  Everyone remembers this exciting
63d Band members and a spouse cross the Mississippi River-1944
63rd Band members, S/Sgt John Shideler and Pfc George Soper, cross the
Mississippi River along with Elsie Soper- 1944
T/5 Soper fixes a flat along a Mississippi Highway-1944
George Soper, 63d Band fixes a flat tire while his wife Elsie looks on. 1944
Soper 63d Band- Lily Pond La 1944
George Soper 63d Band doing a little fishing in
Louisiana, 1944
Soper 63d Band and wife in Chicago 1944
George Soper and wife Elsie on furlough in Chicago,
January 1944
Sopers 63d Band enjoying last evening in NY before shipping out- 1945
George Soper and his wife on the left enjoying a last night out in New York
before he left for Europe- 1945.  Couple on the right not identified
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T/5 Soper 63d Band
T/5 George Soper 63d Band
T/5 Albert Carchio and mother, Med Det 254th Inf Regt
Albert Carchio Med Det 254th Inf
Left photo:  T/5 (then Pfc) Albert J. Carchio with his mother. Right photo:  
T/5(then Pfc) Albert J. Carchio.  T/5 Carchio was a member of Medical
Detachment 254th Infantry Regiment and was Killed In Action on 23 January