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The following photographs were furnished by Steve Overholt of Sharon Hill, PA.  They were contained
in the WWII Memoirs of Private Frank C. Fultz of Hq 1st Bn 255th Infantry Regiment.  Private Flutz
died in 1978.  His WWII Memoirs are contained on the History of the 255th Infantry Regiment CD
which is available for purchase from the 63rd Infantry Division Association Historian.  Go to the
Memorabilia Pages for details.  Unless otherwise indicated all photos on this page depict men from
Headquarters, 1st Battalion, 255th Infantry Regiment while at Camp Van Dorn, MS.or Camp Blanding
Fultz, Hq 1st Bn, 255th Inf-1943
Pvt Frank C. Fultz-1943
Fultz, Hq 1st Bn 255th Inf-1943
Pvt Frank C. Fultz-1943
Yacovone, Hq 1st Bn 255th Inf-1943
Pfc Frank Yacovone-1943
Hq 1st Bn, 255th Inf Regt-1943
S/Sgt Darrell D. Parrick (L) and Pvt Nile M. Douglas-
October 1943
Greene, Hq 1st Bn 255th Inf- 1943
Sgt Sherman S. Greene- 1943
Hq 1st Bn 255th Inf Regt- Cp Van Dorn MS 1943
KP Duty at Camp Van Dorn, MS-1943.  Soldiers in photo are not
Hq 1st Bn 255th Inf Regt- Cp Van Dorn MS -1943
Pvt Nile Douglas (L), Pvt Norbert I. Glessner (Center) and Sgt Sherman S.
Greene (R) posing with unit's 37mm Antitank weapon- 1943
Hq 1st Bn 255th Inf Regt- Cp Van Dorn, MS -1943
Rear Row -L to R:  Pvt John C Smith, Pvt Alfred Ermert, Pvt Edwin C Gage, Pvt
McNeil Nobles,Pvt (later Sgt) Roy D McConnell nd Pvt Wesley B Ragsdale.  Front
Row- L-R: Cpl (later T/Sgt) Norman O. Anderson, Pvt Nile M. Douglas, ?????, and
Pvt Angelo A. Pica.  All of these soldiers were from the Pioneer and Ammunition
Platoon, Hq 1st Bn 255th Infantry Regiment.
Wire Section, Hq 1st Bn 255th Inf, Cp Van Dorn, MS
Wire Section Personnel in the Field.  L-R:  Pvt Jack McBride (wearing
knit cap), Pvt Calvin Malkus (standing with hands on helmet of Pvt
James Diamond's helmet), At steering wheel is Pvt Bernard Klein,
Standing behind driver is Pfc (later T/5) John Sepesy.  Sgt Martin J.
Griffin is kneeling with M-1 Rifle, Pvt Wesley McClain is standing to the
rear and right  and to the far right with the climbing belt is Pvt Charles
Oczkowski. 1943-44
Message Center personnel, Hq 1st Bn 255th Inf Regt-1943-44
Message Center personnel in the field.  Kneeling in front of jeep is Pvt
Frank C. Fultz.  Sitting on hood to the left with rifle is Pfc George F.
Marra.  Next leaning on the hood is Pfc Donald F. Hume.  Next to him is
Pvt Jack Lippe.  Seen between the rifle scabbard and the driver is Pvt
Ernest Johnson.  The driver is Pvt George D. Meyer.  In the rear seat
nearest the camera is Pvt Norm Tippett and partially hidden is Pvt Donald
A. Bales.
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