63rd Infantry Division
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Memorabilia Images- Page 75
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Daly and DeSalle, A/254th Inf Jul 44
Daly, A/254th Inf Regt Apr 44
Pvt Reno DeSalle (L) and Pfc Robert Daly- A
Company 254th Infantry Regiment- July 1944-
Camp Van Dorn, MS
Pfc Robert Daly, A Company 254th
Infantry Regiment, April 15, 1944,
Camp Van Dorn, MS
A/254th Infantry Regiment, 15 April 1944 Cp Van Dorn, MS
A Company 254th Infantry Regiment, 15 April 1944 Camp
Van Dorn, MS.  1st Row (L-R) Pfc Sanley Covaleski, Pvt Ed
Novelle, Rogeis(?), Stone(Standing).  Back row (L-R)  Pfc
Robert Daly, Pvt Reno DeSalle,  Pvt Anthony Evangelista and
Pfc Gerald M. Costigan.
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Lt Myers, C 863d FA Bn Cp Van Dorn MS
Myers, C/863d FA Bn
Lt Wyckoff Myers, C Btry, 863d FA Bn, Cp Van
Dorn, MS
S/Sgt Wyckoff Myers prior to being commissioned
Officers, 863d FA Bn, Camp Van Dorn, MS
Lt Wyckoff Myers (2d from left front) and other officers from 863d FA Bn.
Pfc Irving, C/254th Inf Regt Cp Van Dorn, MS
Pfc John F Irving, C Company, 254th
Infantry Regiment, Cp Van Dorn, MS
After the war was over in Europe a number of publications were distributed to the soldiers of the 63rd
Infantry Division outlining the division's history and combat experiences.  Many soldiers used those booklets
to gather the names and addresses of their buddies so that they could keep in touch after "It was all over" .  
The following pages came from booklets of Private Lewis Neal Porter, M Company 255th Infantry Regiment
Address pages - Pvt Porter M/255th Inf
Signature Pages from Pvt Porter M/255th Inf
Signature page Pvt Porter M 255th Inf Regt
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