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Issue Number 43                                          January 2009
All information in this Newsletter is developed by Fred Clinton, Webmaster, 63rd Infantry Division  and does not necessarily reflect the
views of other individuals and is in no way an Official Publication of the 63rd Infantry Division or 63rd Infantry Division Association.
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Well a new year is upon us-2009.  A new
administration, new hope, new higher
unemployment figures, new higher deficit
figures and new wars.  Seems like about
everything is new, but at the same time old.
Just like this web site.-- a lot of new
photographs but the same old request
"Send me more!!!"


Just when I thought the well had run dry on
photographs I was surprised to receive a
number of new ones from odd places.  
One group came in with the estate papers
of one of our deceased 63rd Infantry
Division veterans- another group from a
historian in Europe- while others came
from family members and once in awhile
from one of our veterans.

So, that means if you have the time you can
take a look at the new photos usually
located at the last few pages of a Photo

The point of this is to again ask and beg
you to take the time to look through your
old files, papers and photographs to see if
there is anything at all relating to the 63rd
Infantry Division that would be a nice
addition to our historical files.  

Again, not only do the photos and images
appear on the 63rd Infantry Division web
site, but they also appear on the Pictorial
History of the 63rd Infantry Division CD
and on the History CD of the unit
concerned.   Copies of these discs are
provided to the Library of Congress'
Veterans History Project and to several
museums and libraries for research
purposes.     So become a part of history
and send in those photos and other
memorabilia images before they end up in
the trash after your death.


It's not too early to make your plans to
attend the 61st Annual Reunion of the 63rd
Infantry Division Division Association in
Boston , MA 12 August thru 16 August

If you have questions about the reunion
you can contact the Association President,
Robert Capasso at 781-762-0751.

Details about the reunion will be posted on
the Web site in the
"Reunion" Section as
soon as I receive them.


If, like me, you have written about your
personal experiences while in the 63rd
Infantry Division as a means of preserving
them for your family members and would
llike to include them in our historical files
you can do so by sending a copy to me :   
Fred Clinton 102 S. Jenkins Street,
Alexandria, VA 22304.

Once received I will process them and
include them on the History CD of your
unit.  Also with your permission I will send
them to the Library of Congress History

If you haven't put those experiences in
writing, now is the time to do so before it is
too late.  

Friends and family members of honorably
discharged deceased veterans are elibible to
receive a Presidential Memorial Certificate
(PMC) expressing the nation's gratitude in
memory of their service.  The PMC is an
engraved paper certificate signed by the
current President to honor the memory of the
departed loved one.

Eligible recipients, or someone acting on their
behalf, may apply for the certificate in person
at any VA regional office, by U.S. Mail or
toll-free fax.

By mail or fax you will need a copy of VA
Form 40-0247, which you can pick up at VA
offices around the country or on the VA
website and a copy of the
veteran's DD214 or discharge papers.

Mailing address:

 Presidential Memorial Certificates (41A1C)
 5109 Russell Rd
 Quantico, VA 22134-3903
 Toll free FAX Number- 800-455-7143


Effective 1 July 2008, new procedures to
apply for the award of a Bronze Star Medal
for Meritorious Service based on your receipt
of the Combat Infantryman or Combat
Medical Badge
were established.   You can review those new
procedures at the following address:

Once you make your application you can
expect to wait several months before receiving
the medal and orders..

If you have difficulty in finding the proper
documentation to make your application you
can contact your Webmaster at
or telephone 703-751-7548 and I will see if I
come up with the documentation required.


Several years ago I arranged to have two
challenge coins made:- One for the 254th
Infantry Regiment(my WWII unit) and one for
63rd Infantry Division.  Click on
"Details of
Coins" to see what they look like.

These two coins are now offered by the 63rd
Infantry Division Association Historian for $15

From time to time veterans of the 253d and
255th Infantry Regiments have asked to buy
coins showing their regimental crests, but
because of the initial cost of making dies for
these coins the History Officers have not
moved in that direction.   In this regard, the
Historian has made a request that anyone
interested in these two regimental coins should
show their interest by contacting him.  After a
reasonable period of time he will determine if
the demand will justify the cost.   As of this
moment it would appear that such coins would
have to be sold at $20 each to cover the
expense of new dies and production.

So if you are interested in having one of these
coins, please contact the Historian, Fred
Clinton at