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The following photographs were furnished by Bill Davis, G Company 254th Infantry Regiment and relate to 63rd
Infantry Division soldiers who were transferred to The Office of Military Government, US in Berlin in 1945.
Pileggi, D/254 Inf Regt in Berlin with OMGUS 1945
In the center is Cpl Nicholas Pileggi, formerly of D Company 254th
Infantry Regiment.  In this photo he was assigned to D Company
OMGUS,  Berlin 1945.  The others in the photo are not identified although
a 63d Infantry Division Patch can be seen on the shoulder of the soldier to
the right of Pileggi.  If you know the identity of these men please let me
Photo was taken while these men were on a stroll in Am Fishtal Park,
Kaiser Wilhelm Church, Berlin Germany 1945
Kaiser Wilhelm Church in Berlin 1945.  This church
remains to this day in the condition shown in this
photo as a memorial.
D/OMGUS Berlin 1945
Group photo of men from D Company OMGUS, Berlin 1945.  In the photo are the
following soldiers from the 254th Infantry Regiment:  Back Row-5th men from the
left is Sgt Bill Pink, D Company 254th Infantry Regiment; Last man on the right back
row is S/Sgt William Davis, G Company 254th Infantry Regiment; Seated on the right
in the wooden folding chair is S/Sgt Nicholas Castronova, C Company 254th Infantry
Regiment; and seated in the plush chair on the left is Cpl Nicholas Pileggi, D Company
254th Infantry Regiment.  If you can identify others in the photo please let me know.
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63d MP Platoon, Germany 1945
Members of the 63rd Military Police Platoon in Germany 1945.  Top row extreme
left- Pfc Bruno Alviti, Bottom Row:  Left to Right:  Pfc Bill Condon, Pfc Billy Van
Cleave, Cpl Marion Sharp and ???.  Others not identified.
Presentation of Presidential Unit Citation to unit of 254th Inf-Germany 1945
BG Frederick Harris, ADC 63rd Inf Div (3d from far left) and Colonel
Wheeler(C/S 63rd Inf Div-2d from far left) prepare to present a
Presidential Unit Citation Streamer to the 254th Infantry Regiment in
Germany 1945 (05/05)
BG Harris places PUC streamer on 254th Regimental Flag-1945
Left:  BG Frederick Harris ADC 63rd Inf Div prepares to
place PUC streamer on 254th Infantry Regimental Flag-
Germany 1945. Soldier in the middle not identified.  Behind
the Regimental Flag is Colonel Earle Wheeler, 63rd Inf Div
Chief of Staff. (05/05)
The Tauberbischofsheim Schloss
In August 1945 the Tauberbischofsheim Schloss saw the
opening of the "February Flophouse" - a popular place for
music, dancing, ping pong and plenty to eat.  Photo furnished
by Uwe Buttner of Tauberbischofsheim.  (05/05)