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Document to use German building-1945
Did you ever wonder how we were able to use the buildings we did for quarters and offices?  As much as you
would like to think we just "took them over", there was a system that required official requisitioning at least
after the Infantry troops passed through town.    The document above was a requisition for a house in
Tauberbischofsheim, Germany. (05/05)
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D/254th Inf Regt, France 1945
S/Sgt Edward Bundick (L) and S/Sgt Donald Bruce
O'Neill(R), D Company 254th Infantry Regiment in
France- 1945
Sgt Joseph Hardee, G/255th Inf Regt- 1945
Sgt Joseph C Hardee, G Company 255th
Infantry Regiment- Germany 1945
Capt Bailey, Hq 254th Inf Regt Germany 1945
Capt Paul K. Bailey, Hq 254th
Infantry Regiment- Germany 1945
Boxing Match, Germany 1945
Soldiers gather to witness a boxing match in Germany 1945.  Exact date,
location and unit unknown.  Photo furnished by Robert Fischer son of
Pfc William Fischer 563d Sig Co
Pfc Bradshaw- I/253d Inf- Germany 1945
Pfc Roger C. Bradshaw, I Company
253d Infantry Regiment- Germany 1945
Ellis, Hq 1st Bn 255th Inf Regt Germany 1945
Albright, Hq 1st Bn 255th Inf Regt- Germany 1945
T/4 Royal "Doc" Ellis- Germany 1945
T/Sgt James H. Albright- Germany 1945
The following photographs were funished by Steve Overholt of Sharon Hill, Pa from the Memoirs of Pvt Frank C.
Fultz, Hq  1st Bn 255th Infantry Regiment.  You can read the complete memoirs on the History of the 255th Infantry
Regiment CD available from the 63rd Infantry Division Association.  See
Memorabilia pages for details.
Hq 1st Bn 255th Inf Regt, Bad Wimpfen Germany-1945
Friedson, Hq 1st Bn 255th Inf Regt, Bad Wimpfem, Germany 1945
Bad Wimpfen Germany, May 1945: L-R:  Pfc
Magno Sapere and Pfc Frank Segedin
Bad Wimpfen, Germany 16 May 1945-  1st Sgt
Nathan "Mac" Friedson
Hq 1st Bn 255th Inf Regt, Bad Wimpfem, Germany 1945
Hq 1st Bn 255th Inf Regt- Bad Wimpfem, Germany 1945
L-R both photos:  1st Sgt Nathan "Mac" Friedson, Capt Baalis Grubbs and Sgt James H. Albright- Bad Wimpfem, Germany
Last of photos pertaining to Hq 1st Bn 255th Infantry Regiment
Hq 1st Bn 255th Infantry
Regiment- not identified