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Photos of the 63rd Infantry Division
on occupation duty- Page 64
Pfc Steven Bernat, B Battery, 718th FA Bn stationed with occupation forces in Germany, 1945-46
Cutout image of Sgt Steven Bernat mailed home after a visit to
Garmisch, Germany- March 1946
Pfc Fred Clinton, D Company, 254th Infantry Regiment
assisting a Displaced Person working on a farm near the village
where D Company was billeted- Wachbach, Germany- May
S/Sgt Claude Shehane serving as a member of the occupation forces with the 65th Signal
Battalion.  S/Sgt Shehane was with G Company, 255th Infantry Regiment prior to being
reassigned to the 100th Infantry Division and then to the 65th Signal Battalion after the
war was over .
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Pfc Grover C. Van Pentz Jr, Medical Detachment, 863d FA Battalion in Germany- 1946
Oberlauta, Germany
Driedberg, Germany
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Pfc Leroy Bird, M Company, 254th Infantry Regiment in Germany, 1945
2d from the left-  Captain Frank Piontek, CO, D
Company 254th Infantry Regiment- Germany
1945.  Others not identified
On the right-Front-  Captain Frank Piontek, CO, D
Company, 254th Infantry Regiment. Germany
1945.  Others not identified.
Cpl Edward F. Fowle Jr, Headquarters Battery, 862d FA Bn taking a dip in the Danube just
after the war was over.  May 1945.
Sgt Silvio Petricciani, Anti Tank Company,
253d Infantry Regiment, Germany 1945
L-R:  Sgt Silvio Petricciani, Anti Tank Company,  T/4 Carmen A.
Patavino, Service Company and S/Sgt Angelo J. Sebben, Anti Tank
Company, 253d Infantry Regiment- Germany 1945
L-R:  T/5 Gustav E. Hoehne, T/4 Dean A. Plummer and Pfc Alfred
S. Stacey, Anti Tank Company 253d Infantry Regiment and
German Messerschmitt 262 jet aircraft- Germany 1945
Sgt Silvio E. Petricciani, Anti Tank
Company 253d Infantry Regiment-
London 1945
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