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F/253d Inf Regt Germany 1945
The First Squad, 3d Platoon, F Company 253d Infantry Regiment in Germany, April 1945.  L-R:  
Back row:  Pfc Arthur DiStefano, Pfc Stanley Gruszczyk, Pfc Howell L. Lipscomb, Cpl Darris W.
Gillman and Pfc Walter A. Boling.  Front row L-R:?????, Pfc Herman Fabiani, Pfc James J. Dugan,
Pfc Ernest S. Carvalho and S/Sgt Frank J. Mastrian Jr (Squad Leader)
E/253d Infantry, Germany 1945
Members of E Company, 253d Infantry Regiment
in Tauberbischschofsheim, Germany 1945
1st Squad, 2d Platoon, B Company 254th Infantry Regiment- Bad Mergentheim, Germany May 1945
Members of the 1st Squad, 2d Platoon, B Company 254th Infantry Regiment in Bad
Mergentheim, Germany May 1945.  In the photo are : Pfc Maurice E. Reagan, Pfc
Osburne S. Revis, Pvt Clinton A. Leupp, Pvt Otto C. Moehler Jr, Cpl Frank J. Vavra,
S/;Sgt Wallace B. Wright, Pfc James R. Lewis, Pfc Richard Jones, Pfc Edward G.
Lewis and Sgt Robert E. Beebe.  Photo furnished by Pfc Maurice Reagan
I/254th Inf Regt- Germany 1945
Field Kitchen in bivouac area, Germany 1945- I Company
254th Infantry Regiment
 I/254th Inf Regt on way back to US 1945
I/254th Inf Regt- Germany 1945
Soldiers from I Company 254th Infantry
Regiment board a transport for travel back to the
US, September 1945
L-R:  Sgt Glen H. Riley, T/Sgt Nick
Vukmonovich and ??? in bivouac area Germany
1945. I Company 254th Infantry Regiment
I/254th Infantry Regiment Awards ceremony, Germany 1945
Captain Clement J. Coss receives the Silver Star
Medal from BG Harris (Asst Div Cmdr)- I
Company 254th Infantry Regiment Germany 1945
Africano, L/255th Infantry Regiment- Germany 1945
L- Pvt Charles Africano, L Company 255th Infantry Regiment
at the Italian Alps 1945.  Other man in the photo not identified.   
Pvt Africano was one of many 63rd Infantry Division soldiers
who were transferred to the 90th Infantry Division on 24
December 1944.
G/255th Inf Regt, Germany 1945
The following G Company 255th Infantry Regiment soldiers
are in this photo.  Unfortunately they were not identified by
position.  Pvt William P. Petruska, Pfc James W. Knight, ???,
Pvt Curtis Renfro, T/4 Walter L. Schoppman, T/4 Justo B.
Garcia, and 1st Lt Gaylord V. Thomas-  Germany 1945
563d Signal Company, VE Day 8 May 1945 Germany
Members of the 563d Signal Company celebrate VE Day, 8 May
1945.  L-R:  T/5 Irving Heslowitz, Pfc Elson Robb, Cpl Dennis
Strongman, Sgt Paul L. Hastings, Pfc Harold A Dahlquist, Sgt John
Zielensky and Mitchell.  Position of each individual not known
563d Sig Co, Bad Mergentheim, Germany 1945
L-R:  Sgt Paul L. Hastings, Mitchell and Pfc Elson
Robb- 563d Signal Company, Bad Mergentheim,
Germany 1945
Gen Hibbs, CG 63rd Infantry Division, Germany 1945
MG Louis Hibbs, CG 63rd Infantry Division at
Bad Mergentheim, Germany 1945
C/861 FA Bn on bivouac, Germany 1945
L- Cpl John Israelow with T/5 Newton S. Friedman
on bivouac in Germany 1945. C Battery, 861st FA Bn
Friedman, C/861st FA Bn, Hopfinger, Germany Jun 45
T/5 Newton S. Friedman, I&E NCO views orientation
display on field exercise in Hopfinger, Germany, June 1945.  
C Battery, 861st FA Bn
Vitek, D/254th Inf Regt
Sgt Tony Vitek, standing in Jeep, visiting with
his brother-in-law, Lowell Figgins- Germany
1945.    D Company 254th Infantry Regiment
B/363d Med Bn Germany 1945
Standing L-R:  1-??, 2-??, 3- 1st Lt Theodore F.
Henek, , 4-??, 5- S/Sgt Paul Noble, 6- Sgt Arnold
F. Beberwyck and 7-??.  In front is 1st Sgt James
D. Colbert- B Company 363d Medical Battalion,
Germany 1945