Pictorial History of the 63rd
Infantry Division in Combat-Page 24
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253d Infantry in St Ingbert
Lt Bruce Raffensperger stands to the left of
D-253d Infantry jeep in St. Ingbert, Germany after
the breakthrough of the Siegfried Line- Mar 45
View of Waldenburg Germany after capture
View of Waldenburg, Germany after the 255th
Infantry captured the town in April 1945
Tank in the midst of Waldenburg ruins
Tank in the midst of the Waldenburg ruins- April
753d Tk Bn and 263d Engr in Waldenburg
Elements of the 753d Tank Battalion and troops from
the 263d Engineer Combat Battalion in Waldenburg
Germany- Apr 45
Civilians return to their homes in Waldenburg
Citizens of Waldenburg return to their homes
after the battle. April 1945
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1st Bn 254th Officers plan an attack
Planning an attack. Lt Hurwitch, Col Tucker,
Capt Ax (Arty Liaison) and Capt Piontek- 1st
Bn 254th Infantry
254th Infantry on the move Dec 44
254th Infantry troops on the move from Marseille,
France to Camp Oberhofen France, Dec 44
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