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The next few photos are of poor quality mainly because I obtained them through scanning
newspaper articles and the images were somewhat cloudy or speckled.  I did the best that I could
but the results weren't all that great.  Please try to overlook the poor quality of this images.  Thanks
C/253d Inf troops
Peppler Hq 2d Bn 253d Inf
253d Troops in Marseille, France Dec 44
Mortar Sec, M/253d Inf
253d Inf troops
G/254 troops at Siegfried Line Mar 45
William Buchholz, G/254th Infantry at the Siegfried Line with
his buddies Mar 45.  Photo furnished by Charles Buchholz.
Tugend H/254th near Mannheim, Ger Mar 45
Thomas J. Tugend, H and Hq Co
254th Inf near Mannheim, Mar
254th Inf troops
253d troops enroute to France Dec 44
253d Infantry Troops
A Co 254th Inf
Soldiers from A Company, 254th Infantry
B Company 255th in Waldenburg, Germany
255th Infantry troops in Waldenburg, Germany
62d soldiers
63d Soldiers - unit unknown.
63d Inf troops
L-R:  Remus (Ray) Miserendino B/255th
Infantry- others unidentified
Church service
63d Infantry Division soldiers attend Mass in the field
63d soldiers attending Mass
Captured Germans near Siegfried Line
German POWs enroute to POW cage
Dragon's Teeth at Siegfried Line
View of Siegfried Line tank obstacles.
Furnished by Perry Mayo
German Leaflet for 15th Infantry
Side two of German Leaflet
German leaflet dropped on 15th Infantry, 3d Division, Colmar area
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