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Infantry Division in Combat-Page 34
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Light Machine gun Squad A/253d
Light Machinegun Squad A Co 253d Infantry in
Sarreguemines- Mar 45:  Front L-R:Nagel, Cartwright, Rear
L-R:  Vermillion, Martin, Smith
Machine Gun Platoon A/253d Infantry
A Company 253d Infantry. Rear L-R:  Marvin
Albrecht, Paul Vermillion.  Front:  Sgt Carl
3d Platoon A Company 253d lnfantry
Third Platoon, A Company 253d Infantry - April 1945- Germany
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The following photographs were furnished by Richard Wade, son of Captain James W. Wade, 563d Signal Company.  
Richard will provide copies of these photographs to anyone desiring them.  Contact him at car_bean@hotmail.com
Troops from 563d Sig Co
Men of the 563d Signal Company. Only ones identified are
Anthony Mucciolo (2d from right top row), Anthony Lowry
(Center looking to the left) and Waino Warjonen (front
-center with cigarette)  Germany 1945
Dragons Teeth Siegfried line
Dragons Teeth, Siegfried Line Germany
563d Sig Co Personnel at the Siegfried Line
563d Signal Company troops at the Siegfried Line.  Lt
Wade is 2d from the left.
563d Sig Company personnel in Bliebransbach
563d Signal Company troops amongst the ruins
of Bliebransbach.  Lt Wade on the Left.