Pictorial History of the 63rd
Infantry Division in Combat-Page 33
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The following photographs were furnished by S/Sgt Tom Styles, C Company 263d Engineer (Combat) Battalion and
pertain to actions and missions of C Company 263d Engr (C) Bn during WWII
Path through the Siegfried Line C/263d Engr
Site of the Siegfried Line breach made
by men of C Company 263d Engr (C)
Bn 19 Mar 45.  Pvt Robert Reese of C
Company was killed in action here
and Pfc John Leiby and T/4 Tom
Blake were wounded in this action
Pontoon Bridge at Rhine River C/263d Engr
Pontoon bridge crossing the Rhine River at
Worms Germany. -1945
Blown bridge over Neckar River at Heidelbergin
Bridge over the Neckar River near Heidelbergin,
Germany destroyed by retreating German forces.  
Located in the 255th Infantry Regiment area.1945.
Timber Bridge built by US Army Engineers
Timber bridge built by US Army Engineer Bridge Battalion- 1945
Demolished Neckar River Bridge
Bridge over the Neckar River near
Bad Wimpfen demolished by
retreating forces.-1945
Sgt Lallement C/263d Engr
Sgt Edwin M. Lallement, 2d Platoon C
Company 263d Engr (C) Bn at Bad
Wimpfen 1945
Patched up Bridge C/263d Engr
Partially destroyed bridge "patched up" by C
Company 263d Engr (C) Bn in 255th Inf area.
River crossing used by 255th Inf
Prepared ford at Widdern used by 255th Inf
Regt and supporting motorized equipment -1945
Soldiers from C/263d Engr
L-R:  S/Sgt Tom Styles, 2d Plat, T/4 Charles W Hartman,
Co Clerk and Sgt Edwin Lallement, 2d Plat all of C
Company 263d Engr (C) Bn Germany 1945
Meckling and Styles C/263d Engr
L-R:  Pfc James C Meckling and S/Sgt Tom
Styles C Co 263d Engr (C) Bn. in Germany
1945.  Don't ask about the hats.
Bridge at Bieringen C/263d Engr
Bridge at Bieringen, Germany.  S/Sgt Leonard
Zimmerman's 1st Platoon  C/263d Engr (C) Bn also
built a ford here to advance Infantry and Armored
units during combat.- 1945
Troops from C/263d Engr
L-R:  Cpl Fred Jamison, S/Sgt Tom Styles and
Pfc William W Pyle o/a 15 Apr 45 in Germany.
All of C/263d Engr (C) Bn
C/263d Engr troops at rest
Combat Engineers take a break in Langanau after
ferrying an antitank gun across the Danube River Apr
45- C/263d Engr (C) Bn
Destgroyed Danube River Bridge
Destroyed Danube River Bridge made passable by C
Company 263d Engr (C) Bn.  Town in background not
identified, but it looks like Leipheim.  Apr 45
Infantry on tanks 255th Inf
Infantrymen from the 255th Infantry Regiment catch
a ride on Armor after crossing the Danube Apr 45
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