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This page provides access to web sites of other organizations relating to World War II. Take time
to visit these sites to expand your knowledge of that era.

Click on the titles below and go to those sites.

** If you are interested in the Korean War- go to the following site relating to the 3rd Infantry
Division and the survivors of Out Post Harry:

** Understanding a Veteran with PTSD :


**The Mesothelioma Guide Site

** The Golden Arrow Research Group (able to check out service of veterans when the Records
Center at St Louis can't come up with anything)  There is a cost for this service.
** The Infantry Center, Fort Benning, GA
**WWII Web Ring-Great collection of articles and pictures of insignia.
**World WW II Divisions
**Trailblazers related sites. An excellent list of WWII web sites
**Details on the Rhineland Campaign including photos
**Details on the Central European Campaign including Photos
**Details of the Ardennes-Alsace Campaign with Photographs.
**Information concerning Operation Nordwind
**History Television, the ultimate history archive.
**National Personnel Records Center, St Louis
**Military Reunions
**World War II Timeline
**The Military Control Center Webring- Over 800 Active Military Sites.
**American War Dead in Overseas Cemeteries
**American Merchant Marine Veterans Web site
** VI Corps Combat Engineers (2827th Battalion attached to the 63rd Infantry Division April 12-18 1945)
** Camp Van Dorn WWII Museum,Centreville, MS
** The Waiting Goes On-POW/MIA concern
** Lest We Forget web site(Reenactment organization)
** The United States Army Brotherhood of Tankers (USABOT)
** Review an article written by Swiss Historian Juerg Herzig about the Battle of Jebsheim

** Photo History of Sgt. Richard W. Craig, Jr. in the 776th Tank Destroyer Battalion

Click here to go to a  comprehensive list of Division Links with Division Insignia included.
63rd Infantry Division Insiginia
Division History
253rd Regimental Page
254th Regimental Page
255th Regimental Page
Division Artillery
Support Battalions
Special Troops
Division Memorials
Bulletin Board
Credits Page
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**A Student Guide to WWII Vehicles