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Cross of the Jebsheim Mill, France- Page 2
Peace Meeting Photos-  Page 3

Jebsheim, France Memorials- Page 4
7 June 1997 Ceremony-  Page 5
Jebsheim Poem-  Page 6
7 June 1997 Photos-  Page 7
More 7 June 1997 Photos-  Page 8
More 7 June 1997 Photos-  Page 9
12 June 1999 Ceremony-  Page 10
12 June 1999 Photos-  Page 11
More 12 June 1999 Photos-  Page 12

Arlington National Cemetery Memorials- Page 13
Plaque near Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - Page 14
Marker, Plaque and Tree Ceremony- 19 Nov 97- Page 15
19 November 1997 Ceremony Photos-  Page 16

Sigolsheim, France Memorial (Hill 216) - Page 17

Camp Blanding Florida Memorial-  Page 18

The Infantry Museum Memorial, Ft Benning, GA-   Page 19

Co F, 253rd Infantry Memorial, Buchhof, Germany- Page 20

63rd Infantry Division Memorial, Valley Forge, PA-  Page 21

63rd Infantry Division Memorial, Riverside, CA- Page 22

Bust of West Point Cadet dedicated to 63rd Infantry Division
Commanding General Louis Hibbs-Page 23

63d Infantry Division Memorial Plaque, Camp Van Dorn WWII
Museum, Centreville, MS

63rd Infantry Division Memorial Bench on the Walk of Honor at
the US Infantry Museum, Fort Benning, GA

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