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Memorabilia Images- Page 115
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The following photographs were furnished by Sgt Robert J. Bartholomew (later an Officer), Headquarters
Company, 63rd Infantry Division (Ranger Platoon).  Sgt Bartholomew was in the Ranger Platoon from its
inception in July 1943 until it was disbanded in April 1944.  He then left the division to go to OCS and served in
the 81st Infantry Division and the 11th Airborne Division in the occupation forces of Japan.  Go to
Miscellaneous Photos Page 118 for additional photos of the ranger platoon soldiers and area.
Pfc Arthur F. Christie- Ranger
Platoon, Camp Van Dorn, MS
Ranger Platoon Mess Hut at the Beaver Creek Camp, near
Camp Van Dorn, MS.- Constructed by Sgt Robert J.
Bartholomew, Sgt Frederick A. LilianKamp and Pvt George
A. Savelli
Chow time at Camp Van Dorn, MS- 1944
L-R:  Sgt Robert J. Bartholomew and Pfc Arthur F.
Christie with "Lady" and "Feet" the Ranger
Platoon's adopted dogs- 8 Dec 1943
L-R:  Pfc Charles Legate, S/Sgt Eugene F. Lash, Sgt
Frederick Liliankamp (later went to OCS) and Pvt John J.
Collins, Ranger Platoon,  on pass to a local town.
Identified as Ranger Platoon Leader Lt Lorglia,
8 Dec 1943, however Lt Lorglia is not listed as
having been a member of the 63rd Infantry
Division.  It could be 2d Lt Peter S. Troglio of
Headquarters Company, 63rd Infantry
Division.(The Ranger Platoon was a part of
that unit)
T/4 William W. Park, Ranger Platoon Mess
L-R:  Pfc Arthur F. Christie and S/Sgt  Frederick A.
LilianKamp, Ranger Platoon- 5 December 1943
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The following photos were furnished by Raymond Harmon III, son of T/4 Raymond E Harmon, Jr, 563d Signal Company.
T/5 Vernon D. Morlock, 563d Signal
Company, Camp Van Dorn, MS
T/5 Vernon D. Morlock, 563d Signal Company, Camp Van Dorn, MS
Unknown member of 563d Signal Company,
Camp Van Dorn, MS
L-R- T/5 Frank C. Benvenuto, T/4 Raymond E. Harmon Jr and T/5
Vernon D. Morlock , 563d Signal Company, Camp Van Dorn, MS
T/4 Raymond E. Harmon Jr and T/5
Vernon D. Morlock, 563d Signal
Company, Camp Van Dorn, MS
Members of the 563d Signal Company, Camp Van Dorn, MS.  1st Row L-R:  M/Sgt Emil R.
Whitehead, T/5 Kenneth E. Meyer, T/5 Gerard J. Turnier, Jueld(?), T/3 Alfred K. Susskind, T/5
Donald J. Coe, Weaver, S/Sgt Darrel F. Heaton, Hayes, 1st Lt Lawrence G. Patrick.  2d Row L-R:
T/5 Joseph Greenstadt, T/3 Charles B. Eddy, T/5 Ludwig P. Reiche, T/5 John H. Amos, T/5 Andrew
W. McCaw Jr, T/5 Irving Heslowitz, T/5 Michael Chrin.  3d Row L-R:  Pfc John P. Logan, T/4 Joseph
E. Welch, T/4 Arthur Waquespack, Pvt Arthur H. Stickle, T/5 Kenneth Meyer, T/5 Marvin S. Balsam,
T/5 Harold Sleik.  4th Row:  T/4 Raymond E. Harmon Jr, T/5 Frank C. Benvenuto, T/5 Vernon D.
Morlock, T/4 Walter J. Freitag, T/5 Paul E. Bodkins, T/5 Frank J. Sherman, T/4 William E. Ellis.  5th
row L-R:  T/5 Peter Diamant, T/4 Franklin T. Gibbens, Rubin, T/4 Daniel A. DePaola, and T/4
Charles T. Barreca.
22 Oct 13