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Officers of the 263d Engineer Combat Batttalion at Camp Van Dorn, MS December 1944.  If you can
identify any of these officers please contact the webmaster.
263d Engr Bn Officers Cp Van Dorn MS Dec 44
The vessel Sea Tiger was used as a troop transport during WWII and transported a portion of Task
Force Harris from New York to Marseille, France in Nov-Dec 44.  It was also used to transport
soldiers returning to the US after the war.  The following images are from the Souvenir Pamphlet
issued by the Sear Tiger during a voyage returning to the US in February 1946
Sea Tiger souvenir pamphlet
portion of Sea Tiger souvenir pamphlet
portion of Sea Tiger souvenir pamphlet
A portion of the Sea Tiger souvenir pamphlet on their voyage from
France to the US in Feb 1946
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