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The following photographs were in a collection purchased by Tim Malone from e-Bay and were identified as being from the 254th Infantry
Regiment.  None of the individuals in the photos were identified.  From the uniforms and backgrounds I am making the assumption that
these photos were made during the occupation period of the 254th Infantry Regiment- May-Aug 1945-(Continued from Occupation Photos
Page 69)
End of collection of photos purchased by Tim Malone from E Bay.  If you are able to identify any of the individuals in these photos please
contact me at joyclint@comcast.net
T/5 John T. Mans, Headquarters Battery, 718th Field Artillery
Battalion, Germany 1946.
Right side:  T/4 Preston L. Fisher, 63d Recon Troop, May
1945 Germany
Pfc Roger W. Huether, F Company 255th Infantry
Regiment with his collection of local young ladies.  
Germany 1945
Photo roster updated 13 Apr 15