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Photos of the 63rd Infantry Division
on occupation duty- Page 71
T/4 Forrest Grant Holts, 2d from the left, formerly of Headquarters 63rd Infantry Division.  
Others in the photo are not identified.  Photo taken after T/4 Holts was transferred to
Headquarters V Corps.
In the rear of this photo on the left is Pfc Frederick Weber, L Company 253d Infantry Regiment,
serving as a translator and guard at the Nuremberg Trials of Nazi War Criminals.
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The following photographs were in a collection purchased by Tim Malone from e-Bay and were identified as being from the 263d Engineer Combat Battalion.   None of the individuals in the photos were
identified.  From the uniforms and backgrounds I am making the assumption that these photos were made during the occupation period of the 263d Engineer Combat Battalion- May-Aug 1945-
This is the last of the photos provided by Tim Malone.  We think they are of the 263d Engineer Combat Battalion.   If you can identify any of the soldiers in these photos please contact Fred Clinton at
joyclint@comcast.net   There is a similar grouping of photos on the Combat pages.
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Sergeant Richard R. Perry, G Company 255th Infantry Regiment.  
Announcing bombing of Hiroshima, Japan 6 August 1945.  At the
time Sgt Perry was in Kunzelsau, Germany