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The following photographs were furnished by Harold Specktor, C Company 263d Engineer Combat Battalion
2d Plat C/263d Engr Bn Germany Mar 45
Ed Smith C/263d Engr- Germany
2d Plat C/263d Engr Bn Germany 45
2d Plat C/263d Engr Germany 1945
Ed Smith, 2d Plat C Co 263d Engr Bn- Germany 45
Photos above show members of 2d Plat, C Company 263d Engr Combat Battalion
removing gravel from railroad tracks to patch roads near the Siegfried Line- Germany 45
2d Plt C 263d Engr Bn Germany 45
L-R:  ??, Harold Specktor and
James Curfman, C Co 263d Engr
Bn- Germany 45
Bridge by Engr Bridge Company Germany 45
Destroyed Bridge (L) at Elpersheim with
temporary bridge (R)- Constructed by A
bridge Company.  Germany 1945
2d Plat C/263d Engr Germany 45
Part of Harold Specktor's squad- 2d Plat C
Company 263d Engr (C) Bn- Germany 45
Crossing the Danube C/263d Engr Apr 45
C/263d Engr Bn moves across the Danube- Apr 45
2d Plt C/263d Engr Germany 45
Members of 2d Plat, C Co 263d Engr Bn take a break
while moving through Germany- 1945
Destroyed bridge- Merkelsheim, Germany 1945
Destroyed bridge, Merkelsheim, Germany 1945
Specktor's bunk- Donsdorf Castle, Germany 45
Specktor relaxing at the Donsdorf Castle- Germany 45
Harold Specktor's accommodations at the Donsdorf Castle, Germany 1945
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A&P Plat Hq Co 1st Bn 253d Inf/Rappenheim Dec 44
A&P Platoon, Hq Co 1st Bn, 253d Infantry Regiment leaving Rappenheim on Rhine River, 30 Dec 1944.
In photo (1) George Mieure (2) Lee Leavitt (3) Hilliard Pruitt (4) Peter Greggersen, (5) Ralph Dickson,
(6) Curtiss Delahoussaye, (7) Russell Hill, (8) William Ushman, (9) Allen Reeves, (10) John Dietrick,
(11) James Harvie, (12) Ellis Johnson, (13) Robert Bennett, (14) John Maroney.  Rubin Gafford is also
in the photo somewhere
63d Inf Div Sign Germany 1945
Sign announcing "You are through the Siegfried Line by courtesy of the 63rd Infantry
Division.  Town unknown- Mar 45
Donald G. Cronan, on the left, Hq 3d Bn
255th Infantry in Germany- Mar 45
563d Signal 2d Team Germany 1945
563d Signal Company, 2d Team in Germany 1945.  L-R:
Top: Paul from PA, ??,??, Sam from NJ. Bottom row
L-R: Douglas Mitchell Sr. Sgt John? from PA and ??.
Cronan and buddy, Hq 3d Bn 255th Germany