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L-R-seated:  S/Sgt Maxcy B. Patterson and Pfc Vincent
Liquori.  Standing:  Sgt Michael Jugan.  all of I Company
253d Infantry Regiment at the Aug 2006 National
S/Sgt Lloyd Philipps, Sr, C Company 253d Infantry
Regiment visits the 63rd Infantry Division memorial at
Arlington National Cemetery- 2005
L-R:  S/Sgt John J. Gramolini, Pfc Robert H. Colburn, Cpl. Stephen Stetzko and Pfc Paul
Aldrich.  Hq 2d Battalion, 254th Infantry Regiment at Camp Van Dorn, MS- 1944
Prone position in front- S/Sgt Harold Mauser.  First row L-R:  S/Sgt John J. Gramolini, ?,?,
T/Sgt Carl H. Weber, Cpl Stephen Stetzko, Cpl Harold W. James.  Back row L-R:  Olsen, ?,?,?,
Pfc Paul Tootikian.  Hq 2d Battalion, 254th Infantry Regiment after completing the Infiltration
Course at Camp Van Dorn, MS- 1944
Far right- Pfc Gerald R. Mattson, A
Company, 254th Infantry Regiment.
Others in the photo are not identified.  
Probably taken in 1944
L-R:  T/5 Bernard P. Lucas and T/Sgt
James V. Crawford, Hq Division Artillery-
20 Jul 2007
Pvt Harold O'Neill, 563d
Signal Company, Camp
Van Dorn MS 1943.  Pvt
O'Neill was transferred
to the 83d Infantry
Division on 7 Feb 1944.
This photo was furnished by T/5 Bernard L. Horowitz of
F Company 255th Infantry Regiment and was taken on
18 December 1943 at Camp Van Dorn, MS.  The only
identification provided was for the soldier in the middle.  
He was known as "Fergie"
Soldiers of F Company 255th Infantry Regiment at Camp
Van Dorn, MS 1944.  T/5 Bernard L. Horowitz is identified
as the fifth soldier from the right.
Pfc Leo J. Brophy Jr on the left, F Company 254th at a
National Reunion.  I believe the person on the right is his
son, Jim Brophy.
Driving- Pvt Harold J. O'Neill- Pvt Anderson Casey in front
seat- M/Sgt Earl E. Trostle in the back seat on the left and
Taylor standing beside the jeep.  563d Signal Company,
Camp Van Dorn, MS 1943
Soldiers from L Company, 253d Infantry Regiment at Camp Van Dorn, MS-1943 or 1944.  
Somewhere in the photo are S/Sgt Anthony Bergazzi, Pfc Robert P. Daly and S/Sgt Michael J.
1st Row L-R:  Sgt John R. Norris, M/Sgt(later 2d Lt) Nicol Lein, T/4 Clarence J. Zeiner and T/4
Charles J. Romeo Sr.   2d Row L-R:  T/4 Milo M. Starnes Jr., M/Sgt Myron Mackland, S/Sgt
Frank Sunseri and T/5 Michael J. Milano.  Hq Division Artillery at Camp Van Dorn, MS- 1943/44
F Company, 255th Infantry Regiment and friends at Camp Van Dorn, MS.  Fortunately no one
in the photo is identified.  They are having way too much fun for an Infantry company.
On the Left:  Pfc Pasquale
P. Scorzelli, A Company
255th Infantry Regiment.
1943.  Other soldier not
WOJG (then M/Sgt) William F. Arket, Hq 2d
Battalion, 253d Infantry Regiment.  Date and
place unknown.
Sgt Gaylord A. Betcher, K
Company 253d Infantry
Regiment.  Recognized by
his Legion Post for 60
years of membership in
L-R:  Pfc David D. Montgomery and Pfc Wayne M. Baty visit the
gravesite of their wartime buddy, Pfc Riley R. Adams who was
killed in action on 9 January 1945.  All were in E Company,
255th Infantry Regiment.  Photo taken in August 2005 at the
National Cemetery in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
L-R:  Cpl Harry E. Maxwell and T/5 Alphonse M.
Tatarunis, Cannon Company, 253d Infantry
Regiment enjoy a visit to talk about their wartime
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