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The following photographs are from the collection of the French Minister of Defense's Establishment of
Communication and Broadcasting Institution at internet address:  http://www.ecpad.fr
Jebsheim France Jan 1945
Jebsheim, France Jan 1945
Jebsheim, France 1945
Jebsheim, France 1945
254th Inf Regt Jebsheim, France Jan 1945
Jebsheim France 1945
Jebsheim, France Jan 1945
Jeep passes German anti-tank gun in the streets of Jebsheim,
France- January 1945
Allied troops examine German Jagdpanther heavy tank
destroyer in Jebsheim, France
January 1945
German prisoners from the 2d Gebirgsjager Division walk
through the streets of Jebsheim, France January 1945
View of the destruction in the village of Jebsheim, France-
January 1945
Soldiers from the Anti-Tank Company of the 254th Infantry Regiment
fire their gun in Jebsheim, France  January 1945
A Jeep moves through the streets of Jebsheim,
France 1945
American half-track vehicle destroyed during the battle for Jebsheim, France January 1945
End of photos from French Ministry of Defense
Member of the 63rd Infantry Division-1945
63rd Infantry Division troops in Germany 1945
Unknown soldier from the 63rd Infantry Division in
Germany 1945
63d Infantry Division soldiers interrogate German POW-1945
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Pfc Cohlmeyer, C/363d Med Bn- Germany 1945
Pfc Robert D. Cohlmeyer, C Company 363d
Medical Battalion in Germany 1945
German Tank, Schwetzingen, Germany Apr 45
German Tank, Schwetzingen, Germany Apr 45
German Tank, Schwetzingen, Germany Apr 45
As American forces (254th Infantry and 10th Armored Division elements)  began to enter Schwetzingen, Germany, three(3) Jagdtiger very heavy
tank destroyers  of the German 653d Heavy Jagdpanzer regiment began to maneuver to meet the oncoming American troops.  One Jagdtiger tank
destroyer (#115) got stuck on Grenzhoferstrasse when it slipped off the road and because of its weight (72 tons) it could not get out of the ditch
back on the road.  This tank was destroyed by its crew.  Another Jagdtiger tank destroyer  (#115) began to move down Dreikonigstrasse towards
the intersection with Mannheimerstrasse, the street being used by the American forces to enter the town.  This tank was spotted by an Artillery
observer flying overhead who then notified the forces on the ground of the movement.  Elements of the 10th Armored Division position their
Sherman tanks on Mannheimerstrasse and when the Jagdtiger tank destroyer  (#115) reach the intersection they engage the German tank at 200
yards and hit it in the side disabling the tank and crew.  The German tank destroyer continued to roll forward and entered a building on the corner
of the intersection.  The results of this engagement can be seen below in the three photos.  The third Jagdtiger Tank destroyer escaped damaged
during this engagement but was destroyed by its crew on the road from Eppelheim towards Pfaffengrund.   (Note:  The photos and account of the
action were furnished by a German Historian, Herr Karl. H. Kleine of Walldorf, Germany.)  
Three views of the German Jagdtiger very heavy tank destroyer (#115) after being destroyed by elements of
the 10th Armored Division in Schwetzingen, Germany.  This tank weighed 72 tons, had 25mm to 250 mm
of armor, had a crew of six, a speed of 38 KM per hour and a cruising range of 170 KM.
German tank near Schweitzengen, Germany 1945
This is believed to be the third Jagdtoger tank destroyer that was destroyed by its crew after escaping from Schwetzingen,
Germany.   Photo furnished by T/4 William Beckett, Hq 254th Inf Regt