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US forces move through break in Siegfried Line- Mar 45
US Infantrymen move through a break in the Siegfried Line, March 1945.  Unit not identified.
The following photos were provided by S/Sgt John Gramolini, Headquarters 2d
Battalion, 254th Infantry Regiment.
Hq Co 2d Bn 254th Inf Regt, Germany 1945
Soldiers from Hq Co 2d Bn 254th Inf Regt pose
in front of a bar in a German town recently
captured by the 254th Infantry Regiment.:  L-R:  
M/Sgt Alan Marcher, T/5 Russell Steever, S/Sgt
John Gramolini and ????,????.
Soldiers of Hq Co 2d Bn 254th Inf Regt, Germany 1945
Soldiers from AntiTank Platoon, Hq Co 2d Bn 254th Inf
Regt take a break during combat in Germany 1945. Back
row (R-L)  Pfc Robert H. Colburn, M/Sgt Alan Marcher,
Pfc Orland L. Easton, ????,????.  Kneeling R-L:   S/.Sgt
John Gramolini, ????,????
Hq Co 2d Bn 254th Inf Regt on the move in Germany 1945
Soldiers of Hq Co 2d Bn 254th Inf Regt, Germany 1945
Hq Co 2d Bn 254th Inf Regt on the move in Germany-1945
L-R:  Cpl Glenn C McGill, S/Sgt John
Gramolini, T/5 Charles Derbin, Hq Co, 2d Bn
254th Inf Regt somewhere in Germany 1945
End of Gramolini photos
Construction Team #2, 563d Signal Company, Germany 1945
Construction Team #2, 563d Signal Company, Germany 1945.  Kneeling L-R:  T/5 Douglas P. Mitchell
Sr, Pfc Harold A. Dahlquist, Sgt Paul L. Hastings, T/5 Victor H. Rydin, Pfc Elson Robb.   Standing: L-
R:  Sgt John J. Zielensky (Team Chief), T/5 Irving J. Heslowitz, T/5 Robert J. McGrath, Sgt Louis M.
Stein and Cpl Dennis L. Strongman.
D/253d Inf, Kenbach, Germany April 1945
T/Sgt Frank C Donckers Jr pours a drink for T/4
Charles A. Clark- 2d Platoon, D Company 253d
Infantry Regiment, Kenbach, Germany April 1945
Danube Bridge, Leipheim, Germany April 1945
Bridge over the Danube at Leipheim, Germany.  Partially
destroyed by German forces, repaired by 263d Engr
Combat Battalion.  April 1945
I/254th Inf Regt, Marseilles, France Dec 1944
At the staging area just north of Marseille,
France, December 1944.  L-R S/Sgt Jackson V.
Mims, 1st Lt James L. McKeever and 2d Lt
Harold E. Thompson. I Company 254th Infantry
I/254th Inf Regt, Colmar, France area January 1945
L-R:  Sgt Edward Gordon Bland and Sgt Ralph G. Fox Jr
enroute to protect a powerhouse in the Colmar, France area,
January 1945.    I Company 254th Infantry Regiment
view of Danube River bridge, Leipheim, Germany April 1945
Another view of the bridge over the Danube
River at Leipheim, Germany April 1945
Howe, B/363d Med Bn in dragons teeth, Siegfried Line, Germany March 1945
Cpl William P. Howe, B Company 363d Medical
Battalion in the Siegfried Line's dragons teeth-tank
traps- March 1945- Germany